One day, a person from du’s partner firm Samson Technologies, visited our office and gave us a good offer. If we switched to du, the offer included 250 local minutes in addition to any regular package of our choosing. We chose the Dh100 package for two of our numbers. We were offered 5GB data for an additional Dh50 on one number and a device along with 10GB of data for an additional Dh260 on the second number.

For more than a month, we got only the regular package of Dh100, with no additional minutes. When we asked for the 5GB of data, we were told that their representative had made a mistake and there was no allowance of 5GB data for Dh50. We also got the device for another number, but the 10GB of data has not yet been activated.

They also promised that we would be able to get a multi Sim service on our numbers, but when we contacted du for this, they informed us that multi Sim service cannot be activated for ported numbers. We’ve been calling them almost daily since, but they have stopped taking our calls. We need Gulf News’ help and advice.

From Mohammad Naeem



A spokesperson from du responds: In response to Mr Mohammad Naeem’s query, following an investigation by our team, we found that our sales representative had initially offered the customer the Business Mobile plan 200, which includes 5GB data in Dh50. However, Mr Naeem selected Business Mobile plan 100, wherein the additional 5GB data is not offered. Mr Naeem was contacted by our team, who explained the miscommunication to him. Naeem agreed on the resolution, provided that he receive the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) offer of 250 national minutes. The case is closed.


(Process initiation: November 23. Process completion: December 8.)