Image Credit: Dana A. Shams ©Gulf News

Palm Jumeirah has possibly become the most desired residential and holiday destination, not only in Dubai but worldwide, with its unique lifestyle and close proximity and easy access to other key businesses, residential, entertainment and shopping facilities. Currently, the charm of the residential development on The Palm is getting lost in extremely rash and noisy traffic.

Apart from a small sign stating "Speed limit 50km/h monitored by radar" at the entrance of The Palm, there is absolutely no sign of traffic control. Each and every driver is using the iconic development to test the limits of their vehicle's acceleration.

The prevalence of very irresponsible persons in this iconic place can very well be felt after hearing the deafening roars of cars treating the road like a race track, testing their car's acceleration.

Taxi drivers vent their frustration of being monitored by radars in the rest of Dubai by liberating themselves by stepping on the accelerator. Tourist and labour buses also do not require any invitation to join this league of traffic violators.

Even the service lanes are not spared from speeding. In fact, in the service lanes you come across more speeding as there are no signals and only small speed humps.

Aside from speeding, jumping light signals at pedestrian crossings is commonly seen and one cannot help the sense of insecurity for one's life while at the pedestrian crossings!

I would just like to highlight this issue faced by the community in this area. The Roads and Transport Authority should install more speed humps and radars in the area to ensure safety.

 — This reader is a sales manager based in Dubai.