Gulf News reader Ramesh Menon is displeased with the way a transformer station in Abu Dhabi’s Tourist Club area was made into a dump. Image Credit: Gulf News reader Ramesh Menon

While on a walk in the prominent Tourist Club Area in Abu Dhabi, I was astonished to see this site of a transformer station being callously transformed into a waste disposal ground.

What made me more worried was the fact that this accumulated waste would not have happened within a day or two. This calls out the careless attitude of several parties. First and foremost, those who take away tea and other drinks from numerous restaurants and groceries throw away paper cups in this area.

Secondly, to the Abu Dhabi authorities responsible for maintaining this station, and other such stations to keep it safe. Thirdly, to the Abu Dhabi municipality cleaning staff and supervisors responsible for cleaning and clearing such waste. Considering the fact that this station in in a heavily populated location, what would happen if a careless smoker throws a lighted cigarette in that area?

Apart from fire hazards and hygiene issues, due to heavy wind, these waste items are likely to get stuck in the ducts of the transformer, reducing its performance capabilities.

I hope such a thing does not happen.

Authorities, kindly take necessary initiatives to keep the transformer areas safe by way of high wire meshes protecting it so that no inflammable waste material could be thrown into the open spaces surrounding transformers. Secondly, please fine those who litter and make such volatile areas more dangerous.

— The reader is a technical officer and resident of Abu Dhabi