Me too Pakistan
Students protest against sexual abuse in Pakistan Image Credit: Twitter

Social media users highlighted the importance of having movements like #MeToo in Pakistan. Many shared different ways people are combating sexual violence in the country.

Here's what some Twitter users had to say...

@naheinyaar: Our media/music industry has so many sexual predators. We need a #MeToo movement here in Pakistan. It should be widespread.

@Aiza_kh1: This #MeToo movement is not going to end well in Pakistan. We are divided on so many levels, and even on this issue people already have their mind made up, which gender they are going to defend. The issue itself that needs to be addressed will not get resolved.

@zebzart: #MeToo movement comes to Pakistan.

@AsmaDurrani46: Despite expulsion threats from the University of Balochistan, the brave students continue to protest against the sexual harassment and blackmailing of female students. The courageous students are standing strong to halt the institution from ruining the future of female education.

@ammaralijan: Proud of students from FC [Forman Christian College, Lahore] for demonstrating solidarity with victims of sexual harassment at Balochistan university. This issue has led to unprecedented unity among students across the country. Hope they are able to sustain this momentum to ensure safety on campuses.

@BinaShah: #MeToo in Pakistan. You cannot stop the tide any more than you can shut out the sun.