I have been facing issues with my eLife account and postpaid numbers. The home internet plan has a speed of 50Mbps but for the past few months, it has been very slow. When I called etisalat to troubleshoot, it worked fine for just a day and then, it was back again to the same issue. The situation is so bad that despite the WiFi being on, the internet just crashes. I am tired of raising complaints and going through troubleshooting — it just doesn’t help.

Also, I had initially taken up this plan for 12 months and I’m nearing the end of term. When I checked with customer service, they told me this was a 24-month plan and I would incur charges for early cancellation.

My other issue is my postpaid numbers, which I took at the same time and from the same company. As per the corporate plan, I have 10,000 minutes free for the numbers on the same plan. However, on checking my bills, I observed it is actually using my free local minutes instead of Closed-User-Group (CUG) facilities, which indeed, is incurring out-of-bundle charges for me.

When I complained to etisalat, they told me one of the numbers on the plan didn’t have a community ID updated and I would have to visit their Jafiliya office on a weekday for the same. I did visit the office to update the community ID for the number, only to be informed that the community ID was already updated.

I raised it again with etisalat and was informed my other number didn’t have the updated community ID. I went through the whole process again, taking out time from my job, and got it done. Again, I called etisalat and raised a new complaint two working days after the update, and they took three days to call me. Initial call was only for out-of-bundle charges. When I highlighted the fact about the usage of my local minutes, they gave me a refund for only one number and closed the complaint. I called back again on the same day to resolve the matter on the second number and the customer service representative refused to take my complaint and advised me to write an email for the same. I repeatedly told him about my issue and gave him the earlier complaint number, but he didn’t listen.

I have been suffering and struggling with them for months now and it is getting beyond an acceptable level. I pay my bills on time, only to go through all this hassle. It’s been five months.

From Mr Simon Dsouza


The management of etisalat responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Dsouza’s concern to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise for all the inconvenience he may have faced. We have investigated the three main points that he had raised with Etisalat. Kindly note that the CUG (Closed User Group) technical issue has already been resolved. Mr Dsouza was aware of the 24-month contract on his eLife account as he had signed an application form for the 24-month contract.

As for the concern over the slow internet speed, Mr Dsouza will be shifting his eLife account and will no longer require technical support for the same. The case is now closed.

(Process initiation: May 23. Response from organisation: May 27. Process completion: June 27.)

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