I would like to highlight an issue that I faced when dealing with Najm Finance, with regards to my credit card. I received the card in March and have been using it regularly. I have never defaulted and always pay on time. However, last month, I had to go on an emergency trip to India and my credit crossed Dh738.

I spoke to their customer care team, and they took down my request to waive off the charges. However, I was told that my request would need an approval by their management, to which they declined, stating that it was an over limit charge. I am going through a tough phase right now and cannot afford to pay Dh275 as excess payment on an outstanding amount.

I request Najm to consider my past track record and the genuine reason that I had for travelling, because of which, the over limit occurred. I want them to look at getting the charges reversed. I don’t want to become a defaulter, however, considering my situation, if Najm can reverse the late payment charge, I can make the payment and continue with the card or cancel it. I request Gulf News to kindly look into my situation.

From Ms Mamatha Nagegowda


The management of Majid Al Futtaim Finance responds:

We have investigated the claim and determined that the fee was charged correctly and while we regret the circumstances Ms Nagegowda has experienced, in accordance with our credit policy, if an account is overdrawn there is a fee that is assessed. Due to those reasons, we have declined the request to reverse the over limit charges. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and have thoroughly considered Ms Nagegowda’s case as we do with all of our customers. We thank you for following up on this matter.

Ms Nagegowda responds:

Thank you for interfering in the matter. Unfortunately, we could not find a solution.

(Process initiation: May 25. Response from organisation: May 26. Reader confirmation: May 29.)

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