A crab is seen consuming food from a polythene bag left behind on the beach. Image Credit: Jensi Mathew

Sharjah: I sometimes wonder what is it that makes us irresponsible in the many things that we do in our lives. We justify by saying that’s how things are meant to be. I quietly agree and keep quiet. However, what I fail to understand is, where is our commonsense when it comes to saving the environment in small ways? We could start with small things, such as not dump waste into the sea.

A few days ago, some of us went for a road trip to the east coast of the UAE in the Khor Kalba area. I get enthusiastic every time I’m closer to the sea and watching the blue sky beautifully reflecting on the water.

I noticed a few crabs running around the rocks, as if they were playing hide and seek. However, one among them was on a rock and focused on a few grains of cooked rice from a polythene bag that was left behind by someone (as seen in photograph). This food is not meant for their consumption. Even if it doesn’t harm the creature, the bag could.

I gather that most of these areas have fishermen communities and several people own small businesses nearby. Someone needs to be responsible for creating awareness amongst the people living nearby to ensure that they do not litter. They need to be educated about the consequences of doing so.

Additionally, there should be inspectors to check on the tourists. This place is popular during the winter months as families drive down from the different emirates for picnics. This could result in unlimited waste being dumped into the sea and on the shore. Please don’t leave food or any other waste for creatures that it is not meant for. Please think about your actions as they reflect who you are.


The reader is based in Sharjah.

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