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Sad news to hear

Hearing of news about rape and murder is sad, but unfortunately, it is happening (“India: BJP leader arrested for allegedly ‘raping minor over 4 years’ in Mumbai”, Gulf News, August 19). I hope one day all victims will come out and report such crimes and the people responsible can be punished, to avoid such incidents in future. Big courage to victims who come out and report the incidents. In a country like India when news of exploitation is published, people read about it in India and in other countries.

Unlike in some countries, such incidents take place but no one is aware of them. They go unreported and this allows them to stay in the bubble. India has 1.2 billion plus people in one country. When we hear of these incidents on the news about abusers and rapists, it is easy for us to pass a judgement against all Indians.

I agree that India is a patriarchal society, and this is seen in the neighbouring countries as well, but this does not mean that all Indians are the same. The men in my household and family are respectable to women. There are many stories of people in India working for the betterment of deprived communities. This incident is wrong and should not happen to anyone and ‘anywhere’.

From Ms Deepthi Chandran


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Flooded with disaster

Landslides and floods in Kerala caused by not heeding proper environmental policies in Western Ghats, have created chaos in the state (“For second year in a row, Kerala floods wreak deadly havoc, Gulf News, August 12). All successive governments ignored Indian ecologist Madhav Gadgil’s report and did not take any action. No action was taken against the violation of environmental laws and the suspension of quarrying and mining activities in the Western Ghats. All political parties should stop this vote bank politics and implement Gadgil’s recommendations. It seems the government has not learned any lessons from last year’s floods.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Not for the people

This refers to Congress Member of Parliament and Indian businessman (MP) Karti Chidambaram’s comment that his father, P. Chidambaram was hailed as the best Finance Minister, who did well during his tenures. Yes, he did well only for his kith and kin, not for the common man, especially farmers and the salaried middle class. To be frank, not only senior Chidambaram, but every political leader is keen to promote his dynasty, who are proving to be a burden to the common man. In fact, had P. Chidambaram cared for the farmer’s welfare, as a minister from Tamil Nadu, he should have taken steps to release Cauvery water to Delta farmers in Tamil Nadu. Where were the Congress leaders, especially Chidambaram, during the six decades of their rule, who failed to solve the Kashmir problems? Hence Karti Chidambaram criticising Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is like the pot calling the kettle black.

From Mr N. Viswanathan


Sad condition

I’m mentally depressed, working as an engineer at a company in the UAE (“Trump speaks on phone to both Modi and Khan on Kashmir”, Gulf News, August 21). My present condition is very bad. I am physically here but mentally in Kashmir. I am totally out of contract for a long time. I miss my family. We have hope now because hope never dies. I love my father.

From Mr Junaid Mir


Time to celebrate

This is with reference to the recent Indian Independence day celebrations (“Expatriates celebrate Indian Independence Day in Dubai”, Gulf News, August 15). The 73rd Independence Day this year was celebrated in New Delhi, the capital and was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the country. Modi spoke on many issues, including the recent decision taken on Jammu and Kashmir. He was worried about the growing population of India. I would like to wish all my Indian friends in the UAE.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

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Be yourself

No matter how high you go, always keep your feet on the ground. What does this mean? No matter how successful you become, being a humble human being is important.

People change in the blink of an eye. Once they reach a top position or when they achieve something great in their lives, their behaviour changes too. Obviously, everyone likes to have enough money and luxurious things to live life, but those are materialistic items, which might not be there tomorrow.

Kindness and how you treat human beings will stay with you forever. Just like the Earth moves in one direction, similarly, what goes up, must come down. Money, power, success and fame are never constant, you may have them today, but might not have them tomorrow. Today if you are making someone serve you, you might be destined to serve them tomorrow. Behind all successful people, there are lots of small hands to help them reach there. Never ignore them, you may need them tomorrow. Never forget people who help us to rise in life. Never change your nature due to money, power, and status.

From Ms Tejal Shah


Work experience early

All students need to experience the world of work, long before they leave school (“New school to empower youth with skills needed to get a job”, Gulf News, August 13). While young people spend most of their time in formal learning environments, they may not be prepared for the future and not have connection with the world of work. As a result, they leave high school without a clear idea of the jobs available to them. The initiative offers valuable benefits such as enriching school learning, building students’ employability and developing their capabilities.

From Ms Nakshatra R. P.

Dubai, UAE

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Morning musings...

Ever so often, despite our New Year’s resolutions and best intentions, we tend to busy ourselves with mundane tasks and inconsequential matters while unintentionally ignoring the most important person in our lives - ourselves. The quicker realisation dawns, the better. Time is not passing by, we are. So start giving yourself the happiness you deserve. This is not a rant, it is in fact, reality. We live in busy times with work and family pressures, colleagues, friends, deadlines, hopes, fears and aspirations. We are always in a hurry while contemplating the next milestone. We are so anxious about reaching the next station that the fun of the journey is lost. It’s not exactly about slowing down to smell the roses, but it’s about pacing ourselves. Life is not a race and definitely not a sprint, and one does not have to compete with everyone on that mythical starting line. I guess we need to actually start living in the true sense of the word, inspiring and motivating ourselves to do better and fulfill our purpose in life.

From Mr Michael Guzder


Cricket and calibre

Congratulations to Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and his team for winning the One Day International (ODI) series against the West Indies team by a 2-0 margin (“World Test Championship: Kohli’s India gear up for red ball challenge on tricky track in West Indies”, Gulf News, Ausust 21). It was real vintage cricket right from the first ball at the Port of Spain. The way Chris Gayle and Evin Lewis attacked our front line bowlers to put up a century stand in just 11 overs took the wind out of our bowlers. But hats off to our spinners, who put a break and restricted them to 240 runs for in 35 overs. Thanks to our captain Kohli’s second century and the crucial century partnership with promising Shreyas Iyer, who was in his elements to tank the West Indies bowlers all over the park. With his consecutive half centuries once again proved that he is the apt player to seal the number four slot in our team and not the unreliable Rishab Pant. The earlier our coach and captain realises that this is not working for the team, it will be better for the progress of the players. In fact, Sanju Samson is more reliable than Pant, both in front and at the back of the wickets.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


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