New Year's Eve fireworks weather
File photo of New Year's Eve fireworks, 2018 Image Credit: Supplied

Happy 2019 and a hopeful 2020

I am looking forward for a very happy and prosperous new year, but for a special reason. My son will be completing his Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in 2020. I wish that he gets a good job placement. For me, I have worked for at least 32 years in the UAE, and I have seen this country grow from the beginning. I want to see the much awaited Expo 2020. I wish the UAE all the best for it.

Talking about resolutions for the New Year, I don’t believe in keeping any resolutions. It is good to have resolutions if you are in the habit of fulfilling them. I have seen that people make resolutions but fail to keep them or achieve them. It is rather better to not make any resolutions. You don’t have to keep a resolution to do things if you are determined. In that case if something needs to be done you will do it. This is only my opinion, I’m sure other people don’t think the same. I had not taken up any particular resolutions for 2019, but I achieved whatever I had set my mind too. I had decided to do certain things in 2019, which I was able to fulfill. But I had not made any resolutions for the same, it all happened in the course of the year. My most memorable moment of the year was when my daughter was the topper in her Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) faculty in her college. It was the proudest moment for me when her name was published in the college magazine and appeared on the college notice board. This was my most memorable moment of 2019. I wish all the readers a very happy and prosperous new year.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S. Pillai


Burj Al Arab on New Year's Eve 2019
Burj Al Arab Image Credit: Clint Egbert

Happy New Year 2020

This year is coming to an end! And I rush around to locate my New Year resolutions for 2019. Are they in the personal computer? No! Then they must be saved in the laptop. No! Is it on my Ipad? I must have posted them on Facebook. Or Instagram? Or Twitter? Alexa, help! Siri, do you have the answer? And I get lost in the maze of technology. And then I remember – I did not make any New Year resolutions. It is very difficult to make resolutions and then keep them. How do you know what the future will be? Will you progress in your career? Will you go on a holiday? Will you buy a new house? I think resolutions are made only to be broken because we don’t know what lies ahead in the coming days! If I resolve to read lots of books, my eyes may not be up to it. If I resolve to go on a holiday, my health may not be up to it. If I resolve to buy a new house, I can’t find one that is suitable. So friends, my opinion is: Do not make New Year resolutions! Live each day as it comes. Live it to the fullest. If one day does not go as you would wish it to, try the next day. You can make resolutions for each day in the morning and then see how it works out. Only make two resolutions: One, to stay happy and healthy and the other, which is more important, not to forget to thank God every day for what you have been able to do in your life. He is the one who makes the resolutions. Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and spiritual year ahead.

From Ms Aruna Mathur


Learning to say ‘no’

In 2019, I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to adapt to the unknown. I transitioned into a graduate school program that was completely different to what I had studied before. My fall semester was when I truly felt the learning curve and found myself struggling over assignments constantly. However, I came out of the semester feeling really proud of myself for persevering through my classes, despite me giving up a lot of my social life and time. In 2020, I hope to practice more self-care and also learn the importance of saying ‘no’ to work that might overwhelm me in the future.

From Ms Divya Suri


New Year's Eve fireworks weather
File photo of New Year's Eve fireworks, 2018 Image Credit: Supplied

New Year, new beginnings

I know I say this almost every year end, but 2019 flew by. At the beginning of the year I thought I would achieve certain goals I had in mind, keep a journal and revert to it regularly, read more and learn new skills. I’m sure a lot of people set targets for themselves with all earnestness, but sometimes this doesn’t materialise for me.

Time flew by and once you lose the urgency of something, getting back that focus is impossible. Trying to maintain a work-life balance was harder than I thought. For 2020, that is something that will be worked on. While work is a part of one’s life, it is not one’s life. It is time us 20 something individuals realise that.

Another valuable lesson I learnt this year was that not everyone deserves your time and energy. And sometimes, no matter how much effort you put with people, you might not get back the same effort in return. Whether it was a relationship or a friendship, if people do not understand you and add to your life, they don’t deserve to be there. While that is life, and sometimes things do not work out, it is important to draw a line. Thinking about yourself isn’t selfish but expecting other people to think about you might be. A goal for the New Year involves putting myself on the same pedestal once reserved for other people. Drawing a line when my self-respect and mental health is in pendulum is needed. Enriching my soul with positivity and things that make me happy is the agenda of the New Year.

However despite that, I had a wonderful time with friends and family. I managed well at work and I learnt a lot about myself. I even lost weight! I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope this year is as grand as you imagine it to be.

From Ms Alia S.


New career goals in 2020

For the year 2020, I am looking forward to working with bigger brands, getting more exposure and establishing my specialty in the digital art realm. I’m going to do my masters in 3D animation in January, so I’m waiting to learn more and seek more in terms of mentorship.

I learnt to work with different clients especially in the UAE with such a diversity in choices and interests. It’s taught me how to always cater the best to every client and deal with those interested, those who are difficult and those who are easy going.

Everyone wants to be better at something they’ve always wanted to achieve, every year. The problem with that is that it’s just the initial rush that gets them and that is used as an excuse to push for change. But change isn’t a lifestyle change. It’s a small change in one area in one’s life. But what people need to realise is that what they want to become has to start tonight, not on the specific date.

From Ms Stephanie Bridget


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