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I am using a Dubai First card with a limit of Dh64,000. For the past 20 days, I have been trying to connect with them, with regard to my outstanding balance, which, to my surprise, was at Dh73,000. I have never missed a payment, neither have I have ever defaulted. I want an amicable settlement plan. The major issue is the cancellation charge for the card, which is Dh10,000. I need help regarding this. I cannot get hold of anyone at Dubai First. I have sold an asset in my home country and I want to settle this loan.

From Mr Shahriyar Wasif


The management of Dubai First responds:

At Dubai First, we are committed to provide the best of service to our card members and protect their interests. Mr Wasif has been contacted and his concern has been addressed immediately. We have reiterated the terms and conditions that have been agreed to by the customer at the time of obtaining the Balance Transfer. We have cleared his misconception about the cancellation charges, which are only Dh100. We have explained the available options to solve his issue. The customer has accepted the above. We thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Mr Wasif responds:

They categorically told me that my request could not be entertained and was declined by the management. It is best to close the chapter. It won’t do me any good.

(Process initiation: January 27. Response from organisation: January 31. Process completion: April 18.)

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