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  • Is speaking loudly in public an individual’s right or a public nuisance?

Whether it’s someone sharing their phone call with other passengers on a train or a couple having a very public fight, speaking loudly can gain people a number of glares and sighs. However, is being loud in public an individual’s right or a nuisance?

Impolite behaviour: Individuals should be courteous to others

Hashim Noor
Hashim Noor Image Credit: Supplied

Talking loudly in public spaces is a very common problem, and it causes inconvenience for many people. In my opinion, talking loudly in public is impolite and extremely unethical and people should avoid it as much as possible. However, at the end of the day it is an individual’s right to do so, and others should not judge them for it.

When you are in a public space you should not expect to have the kind of comfort that you have in your home. It’s impolite, sure! But it’s also an individual’s right to talk however they like as long as they are not breaking any laws. In addition to that, sometimes you are forced to speak loudly in a public space. For instance, due to bad cellular reception, or due to noisy surroundings. That being said, I believe it is every individual’s responsibility to be courteous to others, we should be mindful at all times to avoid causing discomfort to others, and at the same time we should be accommodating towards people as well and instead of reacting, try to compromise if we are being annoyed by someone.

- From Mr Hashim NoorComputer programmer based in Dubai

Moral standards: How people display thyemselves in public speaks a lot

Mboma Kiese
Mboma Kiese Image Credit: Supplied

When in a public setting, good etiquette and adequate moral conduct is fundamental. Respect, is a key concept that everyone should be familiar with. If everyone respects their surroundings, it would enable us all to live in harmony.

Whether it is purposely speaking out loud on the phone or talking clamourously amongst your peers and being oblivious to everyone’s moral sensitivity. I believe, it’s not only inconsiderate but quite rude.

The way one conducts themselves around other people in public reflects a lot on their morality and ethical standards.

By speaking out loud in public, you would not only disturb the peace, but manifest feelings of discomfort, tension and displeasure to some people or in more serious cases bring trouble upon yourself by violating the law.

Finally, such an inconsiderately arrogant act can leave your public image in a negative light, which could also affect your wellbeing and reputation as a person. Therefore, it is ideal for a person to act vacuously in the comforts of their own abode but contrary in public settings. The term ‘public’ space should not be taken carelessly.

- From Ms Arine Mboma Kiese, Business administration student based in Sharjah

Call for tolerance: People need to be considerate towards each other

Ms Raya Khalid
Ms Raya Khalid Image Credit: Supplied

I think most of the time people talking loudly in public spaces is done unintentionally. People get carried away and excited and as a result, start speaking in a higher tone. It personally, doesn’t bother me very much and I disregard it as someone’s joy.

I’ve also observed more serious incidents like bickering between couples, parents and their children quarrelling or people get exceptionally heated on a phone call. Sometimes as humans, we get emotional and it’s exhibited in public. It’s sometimes simply unavoidable.

However, I also believe this should not be taken to the extreme like causing others distress or breaking the law.

Spending time outside, I usually see youngsters being the loudest. If parents and authority figures around them have instilled respect for others within a youngster, they will not cause discomfort to others. Sometimes this is not the case however.

I call everyone to play their part in the community. People should be considerate towards others whereas, we, as members of society, should be more tolerant and forgiving towards all, especially the youth.

- From Ms Raya Khalid, Dubai resident

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Do people take the term ‘public space’ too carelessly?

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