2019DSF2019 winner
Vanisha Shekvani, 23, wins Dh20,000, keeps it for college studies Image Credit: Supplied


  • Indian girl wins Dh20,000
  • Vanisha Shekvani wins the money as part of DSF raffle draw organised by Dubai Malls Group
  • Shekvani is keeping the money for her post-graduation studies

For months this Indian girl living in Al Ain was putting off the idea of pursuing her post-graduate studies.

Vanisha Shevkani, 23, who was born and brought up in Al Ain made a vow to fund her college education and not take any money from her father who works as a businessman at the Al Ain Town Centre.

So when this young girl won Dh20,000 in a raffle draw last week, her happiness knew no bounds. She is putting all of it for her college studies and what is more she has even begun the hunt.

Speaking to Gulf News, Shevkani said she got a call from Dubai Shopping Malls Group on Friday (January 4) telling her that she had won the raffle draw organised by the Group as part of Dubai Shopping Festival 2019.

Vanisha before spinning her wheel of fortune. Image Credit: Supplied

“I was outside with my family when I got a call from someone at the Dubai Shopping Malls Group. He said I had won a prize for a raffle and I thought it was a prank. There are many prank calls doing the rounds in the UAE where people say you have won a lottery and it ends up being a hoax. I thought this was one of them until the person gave me my winning raffle ticket number. I told him I would go home and check the number and voila! It was true! I had won!,” she said.

The next day Shevkani was invited to Global Village to pick her winning money. All the winning raffle tickets were put inside a spinning wheel. Coupons with amounts from Dh10,000 all the way up to Dh40,000 were put inside the wheel. Each winner is invited on stage to spin the wheel and try their luck with the prize money. Shevkani picked the coupon for Dh20,000.

Her win comes as part of Dubai Shopping Festival 2019’s Shop, Spin & Win’ organised by Dubai Shopping Malls Group. For every purchase of Dh200 at any participating mall, five people win a prize money daily.

Shevkani said she visited Dubai on December 28 to shop for her birthday on January 1. She visited Dubai Outlet Mall where she bought some trousers and shirts from Diesel and Clarkes. “Little did I know this would be my ticket for my college education.”

“I was putting off the idea of doing my post-graduation studies for a long time. After completing my graduation I came home and started working so I could save money for my further studies. I did not want my father to sponsor my education as I wanted to fund it myself. I am so happy I won this money. I have already started scouting for colleges back in India. I hope to start soon.”