A copy of the fine that the reader received. Image Credit: Supplied

A few days ago, I took the bus number F8 operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) after finishing work. I punched in and took a seat. Once the bus reached the bus stop near my house, in Al Nahda area, Dubai, I stood up and swiped my NoL card and pressed the button to open the door.

Just then, a ticket inspector entered the bus and asked me to show him my identification, because he thought I was trying to exit the bus without paying for the ride. I informed him that I had swiped my card and was exiting. I hadn’t seen him, as he wasn’t in uniform and no one looks at the people who are entering the bus before we get out.

However, he took me outside to his car and checked my NoL card. I stood outside for 10 minutes feeling humiliated as I had obviously not committed a crime. After that he fined me Dh2,000 for trying to open the door while he was entering. The amount was a lot and I tried to convince him to cancel the fine. I don’t think it was a crime, because the door had only opened half way and I was still inside the bus. But, he didn’t listen to me.

I visited the RTA head office to submit a written complaint against this injustice, but I was told that the fine was already registered in their system and they cannot help. Nobody was willing to offer a proper explanation for this fine.

- The reader is based in Dubai.

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