Dubai: According to the 2014 annual project report, 267,925 hot meals were given to orphans, widows, needy families, limited income families and company workers by Preservation of Grace.

Additionally, the project provided:

3,213 food packages

11.5 tonnes of fresh meat

1 tonne of poultry

60.5 tonnes of fruits and vegetables

41,565 loaves of sliced bread

15 tonnes of dry food

14.5 tonnes of dates

14,860 packs of pre-prepared dry packs of biryani

1,032 cartons of milk

824 cartons of juices


Information can be found on Preservation of Grace by going into Abu Dhabi’s government website, and following the links: Citizens > Religion & Community > Zakat and Financial Services.

If you are looking to either donate food, volunteer or access this charitable service, call 800 5011.

Volunteering is rewarding work, but it’s tough. Preservation of Grace doesn’t see many regular volunteers, but they have many people coming in to help once or twice. School classes will come in to help as a field trip of sorts. On the part of project, it is largely their goal to bring awareness to their volunteers of the plight of the poor.

Sultan Al Shehi said: “We are encouraging them to feel for the people from the beginning.”



The steps are simple for donating. Call their line mentioned above and you will speak directly with someone who will guide you through the process. For large events, they will bring a team to work with you in the packing process. For small events they will guide you through the process in order to pack and store the food correctly.

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is currently conducting studies with Preservation of Grace to preserve food for longer and to constantly improve transportation of goods.