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So much to think about when moving away from here.

You need to ask yourself: Are you just taking a few boxes with you? Will you bring all your clothes and personal items? Do you want to move  furniture? Do you need your appliances?

Should I sell all my stuff, or take it with me?

Second-hand furniture, and just household items in general, sell for little in the UAE.

If you need proof of this, go onto any online classified sites to see thousands and thousands of unsold sofas.

That’s why plenty of people – particularly families and people who have lived here long-term – choose to ship their stuff back.

So once you’ve decided what to do, you might want to contact some moving firms. However, you could also decide to sell, give away or take most of your stuff with you on the plane.

How much will it cost me?

Assuming that you have already packed your items to be shipped abroad, the last expenses you have to deal with are the international shipping costs.

Here, we look at how much it will cost you to move internationally, specifically to these top 10 countries expats move to when they leave the UAE.

A few tips to note:

1. Container size: The bigger your place, the more expensive it could be.

2. Shipping method: There are only two methods. Either shipping by sea that is the cheapest way, or the costlier option of shipping by air.

3. Distance: The farther the country you have to migrate to, the more expensive it will be.

These are approximate costs of shipping the contents of a two-bedroom apartment (approximately 25 cubic meters) by the sea:

Country Cost Of Moving  
Saudi Arabia Dh12,000- Dh17,000  
Oman Dh8,000 - Dh12,000  
Kuwait Dh12,000 - Dh16,000  
Bahrain Dh12,000 - Dh16,000  
Jordan Dh12,000 - Dh16,000  
Egypt Dh15,000 - Dh20,000  
Lebanon Dh17,500 - Dh19,500  
UK - London Dh16,000 - Dh20,000  
UK - Cardiff Dh17,000 - Dh22,000  
UK - Belfast Dh18,000 - Dh23,000  
France Dh19,000 - Dh23,000  
Germany Dh18,000 - Dh23,000  
Turkey Dh17,000 - Dh24,000  
Italy Dh22,000 - Dh23,000  
Sweden Dh22,000 - Dh30,000  
Greece Dh22,000 - Dh27,000  
Belgium Dh24,000 - Dh32,000  
USA - California Dh22,000 -Dh 27,000  
USA - Texas Dh25,000 - Dh29,000  
USA - New York Dh22,000 - Dh27,000  
USA - Orlando Dh23,000 - Dh27,000  
Canada - Toronto Dh20,000 - Dh24,000  
Canada - Vancouver Dh20,000 - Dh27,000  
South Africa Dh12,000 - Dh19,000  
India Dh11,000 - Dh15,000  
Pakistan Dh10,000 - Dh15,000  
Iran Dh16,000 - Dh21,000  
China Dh13,000 - Dh18,000  
Malaysia Dh12,000 - Dh15,000  
Philippines Dh12,000 - Dh16,000  
Australia - Sydney Dh19,000 - Dh24,000  
Australia - Melbourne Dh19,000 - Dh25,000  
New Zealand - Wellington Dh18,000 - Dh25,000  


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How can I pack up my home?

Before your move:

1. Get rid of thigs you don’t need

First thing is first! Don’t waste precious space in your home by moving things you don’t use or need anymore. Start by selling or donating your extra items.

2. Strategize

Figure out your mode of transportation and book it as early as possible to avoid any delays. Whether you rent your own truck, or use a moving company, just make sure all is locked in.

3. Scout for boxes

If you’re tight on cash, head to supermarkets and furniture stores before they close and ask if you can have some of their leftover boxes.

4. Don’t grocery shop

Make sure you don’t buy any groceries for two weeks before you move in. You want your fridge to be as empty as possible before moving day

5. Buy a roll of ceramic wrap

Hold things together and protect your furniture from scratches by wrapping it in ceramic wrap a couple of days before your move.

6. Pack an overnight bag

Make sure you have one small bag full of all your essential items. Pyjamas, toothbrush, extra pair of underwear and a change of clothes, so that you don’t have to look through sealed up boxers for your things.

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