A few days ago, during my working rounds in an industrial area in Ajman, I found a white dog lying on the sand. By the way he slept, I received an indication that he was badly hurt.

When the dog tried to get up, I realised that his front leg was broken and his paw was literally twisted back to front. The bone in his paw completely jutted out and half of his paw on his rear leg was also missing.

He had scars all over his body, he was covered with tics and his eyes were swollen. Despite his condition, the dog was very friendly and had a pleasant nature.

With tears in my eyes, I thought of the kind of agony he must have gone through in his short life. I gave him a tin of tuna and water and had to leave him against my will, as I could not accommodate him in my car or home, where I had quite a few rescued cats.

However, I returned the next day. He was waiting for a Good Samaritan to come to his aid — for some worker to share his biryani or to receive water from a disposed water bottle.

What made me hesitate when rescuing the dog was not the costly bill from Dubai's veterinarians, but the post-operation recovery period and the lack of a clean place in which he could reside.

I decided to try helping the poor fellow for one week and if he still did not show improvement, the only option would have been to put him to sleep to stop him from suffering.

I started to call everyone that I knew, as I am an active volunteer for Feline Friends.

I bothered a lot of friends, received several rejections and continued calling people
to see if someone could offer a home or at least a place for recovery until I could find him a loving family.

Then, I received a call from K9 Friends, giving me the go-ahead to treat the dog.

They said they would host him after the operation for a short while. Once he recovered, it would give us more time to find him a home.

I therefore booked an appointment at the pet clinic in Arabian Ranches and the dog was scheduled for a leg amputation and treatment for Dh1,500.

I contacted the International Fund for Animal Welfare for some financial help and they agreed to cover the cost. Help was on the way!

Fernando, the hopping dog, slept in my home that night and was taken to the hospital for surgery the next morning. I learned that due to his initial injury and complete lack of movement, Fernando had been run over for the second time, about four months ago.

This was when his front leg completely broke in half. I urge any warm-hearted person to come forward and adopt this loving creature, who is now ready to move to a permanent

During the holiday season, places such as K9 Friends and Feline Friends are overwhelmed with pets, so my request for help is very urgent.

The need for proper animal welfare has become critical in the country. While discovering Fernando's story, I found that it was the construction workers who came forward every night to share their dinner leftovers with the dog and provide him with some company. But of course, they were unable to treat his major injuries.

Fernando has had an unfair life and deserves a second chance for being such a brave dog. Media exposure will create awareness about the hundreds of such sad cases that exist in the country.

Many animals have neither shelter nor the chance to be treated humanely. Unless we all put in a little effort, nothing will change.

If you are interested in giving Fernando a loving home, let me know by email at artrepublic30@hotmail.com. You can also call Jackie from K9 Friends on 0502741949.

The reader is a creative director.

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