Fatima Suhail Urgent action needed Litter on the road in a residential area in Sharjah. Authorities have been urged to increase the frequency of garbage collection across the emirate. Image Credit: Fatima Suhail


The emirate of Sharjah is one of the most populous and is home to tens of thousands of families. However, the excessive amount of garbage that is generated on a daily basis is now becoming a challenge for the authorities as well as the residents to tackle.

In the recent past the situation has gone from bad to worse with tons of waste strewn across the roads making it difficult for people to walk around. It is not just unpleasant to the eyes but also emits an unbearable stench that causes great inconvenience to the residents and visitors alike.

These heaps of waste lying in the open pose a major health risk. It is disappointing to witness uneaten food items, glass bottles, tissues, used baby diapers, cups and plenty more being disposed of in such an irresponsible manner. This general waste transforms into small heaps that become a major hindrance for motorists trying to get their cars out of the parking lots.

Instances of tyre bursts and punctures are quite common in the area when vehicles are driven over broken shards of glass and other sharp objects that are disposed off inappropriately. In addition to this, children who generally play in the area are also at great risk of injuring themselves.

It is my humble request to the concerned authorities to increase the frequency of garbage collection across the emirate to ensure clean and safe surroundings. Moreover, the number of municipality workers deployed across residential neighbourhoods should be doubled.

Lastly, residents should act responsibly and put their garbage in the bins provided instead of leaving it in parking lots, in front of shops and other public places.


The reader is based in Sharjah.


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