I have serious issues with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). Despite continuous calls, emails and branch visits, they do not seem to help. They promise to take action and call back but nothing happens. I am tired of continuous visits to the Airport Road branch and Wahda Mall branch. When I have already submitted my salary transfer letter and my first salary has been credited to DIB, then why is my salary still on hold?

My wife has been admitted in hospital and I have no money to remit home. I beg DIB collections department to kindly unfreeze my account so I can withdraw my money and send it home.

This has been delayed, since my salary was credited on the 25th, but no one was willing to accept my documents, saying it shouldn’t be submitted at the branch, but directly at the collections department. How do I do that when no one answers the phone?

From Mr Khalid Ali

Abu Dhabi

The management of DIB responds:

DIB would like to confirm that their Service Quality team has been informed about Mr Ali’s situation and has contacted the customer. We are pleased to say that the matter has been resolved. As such, we now consider the matter to be closed and look forward to helping Mr Ali in any other way we can. At DIB we greatly value our customers and are committed to ensuring the highest levels of customer service as possible.

Mr Ali responds:

Yes, it’s resolved and I thank Gulf News in getting this matter to their attention. Heartily appreciated.

(Process initiation: August 17. Response from organisation: August 31. Reader confirmation: September 4.)

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