On March 8, the International Women's Day celebrated its 100th birthday. It honours both women from the past, such as Marie Curie who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1903 and 1911 for her work, and women in the present, such as Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, who was elected as the newest member of the Federal Council in Switzerland in January 2008. Despite this, women still struggle to be accepted as equals to their male counterparts in various sections of society. Which female achiever do you most admire? Why? When do you think women would finally be recognised as equals?

In today's society, women have made men redundant.

Men still have many roles in today's society. There are certain jobs or positions that can only be filled or can only be done by males. Women would not be able to do those jobs as efficiently or with the same degree of skill as men. I don't think that women could make men fully redundant because they would still be needed for some things.
– Lenka Liskova

There haven't been many changes in the roles of men and women. In Arab culture, men are still more dominant in different aspects of society. Women are encouraged to get married and have families instead of pursuing careers. So men are still needed to help provide for their families. Also, women might not be as effective as men when they have to perform certain jobs.
– Dana Audeh

More women are becoming educated nowadays. They are pursuing careers and many are in top positions in the workforce. Twenty years ago, women were forced to stay at home and focus on their families. The fact that they are given more opportunities to work and get ahead in their workplace is having a great impact on modern society.
– Farah Navder

Many women are career-driven these days as a result of more focus being given to women's education. Women are able to provide the full package — not only do they work but they also are able to take care of their families and look after their homes. The job market is becoming female dominated. I think that men are starting to worry about women taking over.
– Sarah Karim

It is still a 'man's world'.

In today's world both men and women dominate different positions in society, such as in the workplace and at home. Women now occupy key positions in various fields so the workplace is no longer seen as a male-dominated area. Nowadays, there is a mutual trust and understanding between males and females, which leads to respect and a better way of life for both.
– K. Ragavan

If we still argue about who's dominant in society or even whose property something is, then we are certainly taking our first step towards disaster. Instead, we should focus on how to work together to make this a better world. Men and women should not try to find ways to dominate each other. They should find a way to live together in society as equals.
– Sudha Kathuria

Women nowadays are working and are being more active in society. They are voicing their opinions, are participating in the workforce and are also taking care of their families. There are women who try to be aggressive but I don't think that they should do that and lose their femininity. Women shouldn't feel they are in constant competition with men anymore.
– Naim Noor Al Deen
Abu Dhabi

Men historically thrive in leadership roles. They are more comfortable with being in charge instead of having a person who is in charge of them, especially if it's a woman. Women these days may be working and breaking away from their traditional roles but I don't think that there would ever be a time when it would no longer be a man's world.
– Rami Aboul Hosn

The drive for gender equality has made women paranoid.

In the name of liberalism and equality, the natural distinctive qualities in men and women are being disregarded by modern society. Women are encouraged to overcome their inherent feminine traits and imbibe masculine characteristics. The quest for equality has trampled on the fact that a healthy society acknowledges and celebrates the uniqueness of men and women.
– Huma Imam

Not only do women have to raise and take care of their families, but they also have to compete in the workplace. We're underestimated in everything that we do. I think that men are not comfortable in sharing their workplace with women because they want to stay superior to women. But there are certain things that women can do that men can't do as well.
– Layan Qazzaz

It depends on the country and the culture. In some countries women might be considered weaker but in others they are considered as equals to men. In the US, Hillary Clinton, a female, is running for president so I think that shows that in the US women aren't considered as a minority. My mother works and I don't think she works as hard as her male colleagues.
– Sandeep Chhugani

Women used to feel paranoid because they were not treated as well as they are now because of a lack of education. But there is a big difference between society then and now. Now women shouldn't have a reason to be paranoid because they can do what they want in their lives and can even get help so they can accomplish their goals.
– Ahmad Magsi

Women are cooks, men are chefs.

It has to do with tradition. In England, all chefs are celebrity chefs while cooks are a traditional name for a person who cooks for a household. But women can be called chefs, the only reason why there are different names are because of tradition. Neither is better than the other — the only thing is they are called by different titles.
– Mathew Walke

To a woman, being referred to as a cook is a compliment. In Pakistan we have a saying, "If you have to win a man's heart then you should conquer his stomach". Being called a chef simply means that it is your profession, while being called a cook means that people are happy with your dishes. It is a very big compliment to call a person that.
– Joweria Mohammad

When you call someone a cook, you are usually referring to a person who cooks at home, unlike a chef who cooks at a restaurant. I don't think the titles can be changed, such as calling a woman a chef because it is a title given to men. But women can work in restaurants with the same responsibilities and duties as men. They shouldn't worry about their title.
– Khaula Aula

Men and women should be called by the same title because they are doing the exact same jobs. But because these names were developed by society over many years, it would take many more years before that stereotype is broken. Nowadays though, there are changes taking place — men and women are both referred to as "chairperson".
– Salman Hussain