Have you ever been on a diet, be it for health reasons, for social reasons or just to feel good about yourself? Many choose to follow the old saying of "no pain, no gain" in order to reach their target weight.

However, there are increasing number of people who are reaching for diet pills in a bid to find a cure that will simply melt the excess calories off their bodies.

Because there are so many choices and varieties, it's hard to know which one is the right one for you. Have you ever tried a weight loss pill? What were your experiences? Let us know at www.gulfnews.com

Many treat weight loss drugs as a quick fix.

I have heard of people using such drugs to lose weight, but I don't think it helps in the long run. Exercise is the best way. With weight loss drugs you may lose weight, but you won't be fit.

There are a lot of side effects to using it. I would probably use these pills if I was on a deadline and had to lose weight really quickly, but not for a long-term weight loss.
Tanya Hoque

It may be a quick way to lose weight but it is not a good one. My relatives tried to use such drugs but it was not successful, instead they had to suffer some serious issues like depression and nausea.

People need to get involved in sports and exercises to achieve weight loss. Also, expert consultation is highly recommended.
Azadeh Khodadad

People try to lose weight quickly but this can be very dangerous, as you never know what will happen. Personally, my experience with the weight loss drugs is bad, as one of my aunts used them and suffered from its side effects.

The pills were supposed to be taken regularly so when she stopped taking the pills she suffered from general physical illness like fever and exhaustion.
Aamir Waris

People treat these drugs as a quick solution to their weight problems and it eventually encourages them to depend on these drugs. This creates problems in their overall habits as they eat first and then think that they are gaining weight. These pills are highly addictive.

Unfortunately everyone is using them nowadays instead of adopting the traditional route of exercise.
Mohammad Nissar

These medications should become controlled and need prescriptions.

I would not approve of over-the-counter drug availability. Physicians are qualified as well as certified to administer such drugs not pharmacists.

Doctors can advise better on which drugs can be harmful and which can benefit the patient. They can also consult the patients much better on how to use it, the quantities and other related information.
Roohi Yakoob

People without a doctor's prescription will not be aware of the side effects. If they have particular medical conditions like allergies, a doctor will advise them on which medicines to take.

If they are selling such drugs they should have some agreements in place where patients take complete responsibility for their health.
Abhay Singh Chawan

It is better if people go to a doctor before taking any such medicines. If pharmacies sell such over-the-counter drugs, they should have an in-house doctor who can warn the patients of its contra-indications.

Otherwise the patients will take drugs that may be harmful to them.
Delaram Nosoghian

Any medicine is bound to have side effects. Even the aspirin and paracetamol tablets have side effects so the weight loss drugs should not be sold directly by pharmacists.

They may cause some serious problems to patients who are unaware. Anyway, the natural ways to lose weight like exercise and healthy diets are always better.
Moayed Mohammad Saeed

They are a useful tool to lose weight.

I have never tried weight loss drugs myself, but I have heard of people who have used them successfully. It works with some people, and doesn't with others.

I think they are useful to an extent. If they are not too harmful and addictive, I see no problem with taking such pills. But I personally prefer eating healthy food and going to the gym to lose weight.
Mikail Khan

To lose weight, exercise and dieting is the best method. I believe the side effects of obesity pills are very harmful. It's just a shortcut and people become lazy when they depend on these tablets.

Doctors should decide whether it's an effective solution or not, especially for teenagers who buy and use these pills without their parents' knowledge.
Divya Phulwani

I don't think it is useful or effective. It might be reasonable for obese people to use such pills, but not people who are just a little overweight.

Those with just a little fat can lose weight more easily by using the age-old remedy of exercise and a controlled diet. Weight loss pills can also make you lose your appetite and have other horrible effects on your system.
Mohit Daryani

I do not think these pills work. We get to see many television advertisements on such pills, but they are not very effective. People, however, do end up falling for these advertisements.

I know someone who requested me to get such pills from India, which were advertised on one of the TV channels, but I still think diets and exercises are the way to go.
Umaima Sulaiman

Obesity drugs often play a role in advancing eating disorders among users.

Many people are afraid of using weight loss drugs but I have absolutely no problem with it. My sister used these tablets.

There might be side effects, but I think doctors and scientists should research on this subject and make more effective obesity drugs. I'm sure people would much prefer using pills to strenuous exercise and diets.
Elnaz Chelongar

Many people don't know about the serious effects of these drugs. They might improve your shape, but destroy your body. I think people should consult doctors first and make sure that they do not suffer from its side effects. It's so much easier to just exercise.

You don't need anything special for exercise, just step outside and enjoy the fresh air while jogging or swimming. It's a much better alternative.
Julia Kim von den Diesch

I do not have any personal experience with these drugs, but I assume they will have an effect on the eating habits of an individual since the main aim of such drugs is to reduce weight.

They are bound to change your diet pattern and that can lead to serious problems, affecting your overall health and well-being.
Sa'ad Ameen

People take these pills because they are looking for a quick and easy solution instead of getting involved in exercising, swimming and sweating it out.

These pills often affect the digestive system over-stimulating metabolism, which may destroy the natural functioning of the body. These pills can be very dangerous because of such side effects.
Esmail Bukhashim