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I would like to highlight the false offers I have received from du. I have read similar cases in Gulf News, where firms work with the newspaper to resolve issues. I thank and appreciate the effort taken to help people.

As a first term offer, I had to pay Dh125 to du – this would cover me for two months. After that, from the third month onwards (that is, from September 2016) I had to pay Dh75 per month within the stipulated time. In case this was not paid, the offer would get disconnected.

The offer was basically 4GB data, 300 local minutes and per second billing basis, and 600 international minutes with per second billing basis on my prepaid Sim card – without any change.

I reported this incident to du’s customer care and asked them to help me. But du was asking for documentary evidence, which the salesperson did not give me. Finally, one of our staff members received evidence from du, which appeared to be manipulated by their officials. Our signatures were copied and pasted in their typed form, whereas the agents had got it signed on blank application forms. We are seven staff members who witnessed this form of cheating. Out of that, five of us have been deceived.

We reported this complaint directly to du’s channel partner, and they gave us the email address of their customer care manager. We emailed him but so far, he has not replied. We also called him, but he is not answering our calls. Please help us in this regard.

From Mr Prashanth Mathias


Mr Mathias updates:

Thank you for taking up our complaint seriously and helping us to get it resolved. Du’s channel partner has returned the money collected against the false offers.

A spokesperson from du responds:

In response to Mr Mathias’ query, our billing team investigated the matter and reached an amicable solution that was communicated to the customer through our partner, and the sales agent was issued a warning letter. The customer is satisfied and the case is now closed.

(Process initiation: August 29. Reader updates: September 4. Response from organisation: September 8.)

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