According to The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, rhytidectomy or 'facelift' is a plastic surgery procedure that is done to remove or reduce symptoms of ageing such as wrinkles.

Many plastic surgeons perform this operation with the patient's understanding that it would not permanently reduce signs of aging but rather to slow down the process. In some cases the results are frightening. There are those who find it an acceptable option while others who are completely averse to it.

Facelifts offer people the opportunity to be finally happy with their looks.

Beauty comes from within a person. When people turn to such surgeries to look 'perfect', what they really are doing is searching for happiness in other areas, whether it's in their emotional, personal or professional life. Focusing on such superficial beauty is too overrated these days, especially in the media. For me, a good personality is always the key.
Sana Farooq

When you look good, then you feel good about yourself. One of the ways that people increase their self-confidence is to do things like facelifts to give themselves a boost. Nowadays, many people turn to plastic surgeries as a way to increase their confidence because they know that they feel good because of those surgeries.
Binod Lambu
Abu Dhabi

If a person wants to do it, it's up to them. But many women are turning to plastic surgeries and facelifts because they are constantly under pressure to look beautiful. Society nowadays doesn't accept women who don't look a certain way, so many are turning to such surgeries in order to be accepted by others. It all depends on how a woman feels about herself.
Ksenya Prekovic

I don't believe in plastic surgery. I think that beauty comes from inside a person as opposed to the way they look physically. Some people who do certain plastic surgeries don't really do it to feel good but rather to follow a trend. Others might do it to boost their self-esteem or as a part of a treatment programme.
Ravi Kanjani

Plastic surgery is acceptable as long as it is part of treatment.

Some people suffer from deformities so they do plastic surgery to reduce or remove them. It is a form of treatment for them. Also, there are people who have health problems that can only be treated by such surgeries. If someone has a breathing problem a doctor could recommend that they do surgery on their nose.
Rola Nassar
Abu Dhabi

If a person was in an accident, then it's all right that they do plastic surgery as a form of treatment. But if they are doing it just to enhance their looks, then it's wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so people shouldn't try to change how they look just because they don't have certain features.
Habiba Blayti
Abu Dhabi

If a person undergoes plastic surgery because their doctor recommended it as a form of treatment, then it's all right. Such surgeries could then be used as a way to heal a patient from any physical problems they might be facing. Also, patients would feel much better about themselves if the surgery were successful.
Barvez Musharraf
Abu Dhabi

If a person had an accident, then they could do such surgeries to help repair some of the damage they received. There are many surgical treatments that are being done to reduce things like scars and tissue damage in patients. It helps patients feel better about themselves and so can begin to recover from whatever happened to them.
Manjur Allah
Abu Dhabi

Most people contemplate facial surgery at some point in their life.

The idea of plastic surgery has become very popular, especially in the West. But I don't think that many people in the Arab world ever thought about it until recently because it's not a part of the culture or religion here. People here started accepting the idea of such surgeries because it has become accepted worldwide.
Toufiq Abdul Jalil
Abu Dhabi

If someone can afford such surgeries, then they might think about them. But if a person can't afford to do them, then they would seek alternative treatments. People not only think about how they might look better, but they might also think about such things as the side-effects of such surgeries and what could happen if something goes wrong.
Irna Bebita
Abu Dhabi

There are some people who think about such surgeries and there are some who don't. It depends on the situation and whether it's for treatment or for superficial reasons. For example, there are people who do such surgeries to reduce visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles.
Zia Ur Rahman

People do plastic surgery for a variety of reasons, such as medical treatment or just because there is something that they would like to have corrected or enhanced. The people who do it as part of a treatment plan do certain surgeries to reduce or remove things like scars while others do it as a way to boost their confidence levels.
Ali Heider

Media should refuse to cover celebrities that depict cosmetic surgery in a positive light.

It's up to the person whether or not to do plastic surgery. Even if the media doesn't publish as much photographs or news about celebrities, people would do such surgeries so they can look good. If they were concerned about their looks, then they would do anything it takes to make sure that they always look good.
Daniel Ribaya
Abu Dhabi

It doesn't matter if they publish such photographs of celebrities. If a woman is confident about the way she looks then she shouldn't be pressured to look a certain way. I think that plastic surgery should only be considered as a part of a treatment plan and not so that a woman could follow certain trends.
Melhem Kaiss
Abu Dhabi

The media should stop publicising such celebrities because they don't promote natural beauty. When such photographs aren't published anymore, people won't feel pressured to look a certain way and it that would make them feel happy about themselves. When people read magazines or watch movies, they feel unhappy about their appearance and try to look like someone else.
Delaram Ameri

The media has a very strong influence on people in society. Because societies today are multi-cultural, that can cause a problem since they won't be able to differentiate between their values and what is being presented to them on television and in magazines. If such images weren't published, then people won't feel as pressured to do plastic surgery.
Mahnaz Alizadeh