Emirates A380 plane
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What you need to know:

  • An Emirates air hostess helps a sick passenger on board.
  • The passenger shared the incident online and it went viral. 
  • What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you? Write to us at readers@gulfnews.com.

Dubai: Cookies and green tea were the tools an Emirates airhostess used to help an ailing passenger survive a seven-hour flight from London to Dubai.

But, this was in 2014, five years ago. However, the story has gone viral this week because the man chose to tell the story in an online forum that asked people: “What is the best thing a flight attendant has done on your plane?”

Emirates flight from London to Dubai

US resident Arjun Gupta wrote in response to the query on Quora: “We reached the airport [London] late as we got stuck in traffic. It was also hot and we were wrapping up a family vacation so we were all tired.

“As we were standing in the security lines at [Heathrow], I began feeling sick and physically weak. My sickness reached a point that I was finding it hard to walk to the flight as well. Anyways, I managed to board the flight and upon boarding, I requested to speak to an air hostess.”

An “air hostess from India” inquired about his health and gave him a glass of water. After the aircraft took off, she provided him with cookies, a cup of warm water and a paracetamol tablet.

The attendant went above and beyond to help Gupta feel better.

He posted: “She also had a thermometer and took my temperature and then asked me to have the medicine. I ate the medicine and 20 minutes later, she came to me with a cup of green tea.”

Selfless service from Emirates airhostess

She checked on him throughout the seven-hour flight from London to Dubai. She periodically noted his temperature. She provided him with medicines and food.

“I called her multiple times to ask for green tea and cookies because I was finding those two things easy to eat. She did not say no once all this while, even though I was giving her such a lot of trouble.

“Before landing, she again came and noted down my temperature and offered to contact the ground staff so that a wheel-chair could be arranged to get me to my next flight to New Delhi. She also offered to have a doctor on stand-by when we landed so that I could be off-loaded first and the doctor could have a look at me if needed. But I was feeling better and I politely declined. I did ask that crew member her name.

“Upon reaching Delhi, I tweeted to Emirates about how that air hostess had helped me in the flight. I hope she continues to rise in her career.”

Gupta concluded by saying that the treatment he received on the flight “was one of the best treatments” he had received by an airline crew member.

Gupta’s comment on Quora received more than 112.5 thousand views.

Airline staff help out

In the same thread, many other Quora users commended airline staff for their quick thinking and nice gestures.

Quora user Sheffali Chug was in an airport immigration line when she needed a phone “sim card eject tool” to change the chip on her phone. She asked a few people but no one helped her.

Chug wanted to get in touch with her parents. While on board the plane she asked an air hostess for assistance and for a safety pin. What happened next surprised Chug.

She said: “I was pretty sad when I sat in the flight thinking about my parents whom I couldn’t connect even after arriving in India. At last, I thought of asking the flight attendant....

“I told her that I need the pin to eject the sim card of my phone. She looked here and there thinking and then pulled out her name badge from her top and asked if that would help. That moment I was so surprised looking at her taking out the badge as it was quite unexpected.”

What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you? Write to us at readers@gulfnews.com.