There is a public phone booth adjacent to my building in Sharjah and I have noticed how people misuse it. A few days ago, I noticed a half-empty packet of chips and a plastic bag filled with juice boxes, which were leaking. Another time, empty glass bottles and tissues were left behind. Then, I happened to see a glass bottle and a sandwich wrapper. It is very shocking to see how people who are aware of the littering problem fail to keep public property clean.

The authorities have granted such facilities, and instead of utilising the same, people are misusing it. Usually, I have seen young boys sitting near the booth and throwing such eatables into the booth. It is also unhygienic and gives an unclean image of the surroundings, as there are many tourists who sightsee nearby.

Secondly, paid parking was introduced in my area a year ago and the parking machines were installed. Shockingly, we can see many scratch marks on the parking meters. These are all expensive machines, and people seem to knowingly try to spoil or ruin them.

As residents, it is our first and foremost duty to protect public facilities, but instead, many fail to take care of them and try spoiling them. They may enjoy ruining the machines, but it adds to a great loss for the city’s wealth.

I urge people to understand the value of the same. Please, don’t destroy the beauty of our neighbourhoods by dirtying such facilities.


— The reader is a pupil based in Sharjah.


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