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Mickey is a 10-month-old Husky who was stolen from his home in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Around 10 months ago, a new member was added to my family — my dog Mickey. But, on Sunday, November 4, somebody arrived outside my house in a white jeep and took Mickey away.

We live in a villa in the Al Barsha South 1 area of Dubai and my neighbour witnessed my dog being taken away.

Mickey has been with me since he was just a month old. He has grown up with my son, in my hands. He is extremely friendly and not afraid of people. He will play with everyone, even if he doesn’t know them. This is probably why he got into the car with that individual, because he didn’t know that he would hurt him. That’s why he might not have reacted badly. But, this person took advantage of that and put him in his car and drove away.

I was at work on Sunday, and I received a call at around 10am from my neighbour. He said he was passing by my house in his car and saw a white jeep parked outside. He initially didn’t care, but as he passed by the vehicle, he saw a dog inside that looked like my Mickey, who was wearing the same green leash that I use.

So, he called to ask me if I had sent someone to take Mickey somewhere, maybe for a walk. Since I hadn’t, I told him to immediately go back and check if the vehicle was still there.

By the time he took a U-turn and went back, I had also informed my wife who was at home at the time. She immediately ran down and checked, but the car and Mickey were both gone.

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Mickey in his home in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Since the weather is better, Mickey likes to go out and play in the garden. I live with my sister, who is afraid of dogs. So, we always keep Mickey on a leash when he is playing outdoors. It’s a green leash that is 3 metres long, so it gives him ample space to play and my sister is also stress-free. But, on that day, I think he bit the rope and managed to get free.

The main door isn’t locked, so he might have gone out. But, my dog is really smart. Even when he goes out with me, he plays with our neighbour’s dog. So, he usually steps out, walks up to my neighbour’s home door and barks, almost like calling out to his friend. If my neighbour’s dog responds, they end up playing together. If he doesn’t, Mickey goes back home.

On Sunday, my neighbour found the car parked in front of my home’s main door, so Mickey might not have even made it to my neighbour’s house to communicate with his friend, as he normally does.

I am really worried that he was taken for breeding and he will then be thrown away when his purpose is fulfilled. Or, he could also be sold. He is a Husky, purebreed.

He never sleeps outside. He is always with me, and sleeps in my bedroom.

I first approached the police, but they asked me to check with the municipality. The Dubai Municipality has lodged my report. But, the issue is, they will not be checking everywhere. If someone tries to sell Mickey, they will call me, because they can track it via his microchip. But, what happens if someone tries to sell him in Sharjah or any other emirate? They have no jurisdiction there.

Another thing I thought of is that the villas around me have CCTV cameras. I have asked my neighbours for the footage and once I have access, I will approach the police with it, along with the car’s number plate.

I am very attached to Mickey and vice versa — he is just like my child. I am printing posters now and will be distributing them in my area. I have also been driving around the area, looking for him, especially at the various construction sites, but no luck so far.

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Kareem Majdi Abdul Majeed along with his son and Mickey. Image Credit: Supplied

If the person leaves him in the area, Mickey can find his way home. But, if he has taken him far, how will he come back? He is also afraid of moving vehicles and will keep running further away if he sees traffic.

A friend of mine asked me to share this story with Gulf News, and I hope those reading this will be able to help me find Mickey. He is a Husky, with bright blue eyes and is wearing a green leash. He responds to his name and is well trained, too. He is extremely friendly and will not attack anyone. If he is sad, he won’t eat or drink anything. If anyone sees a dog that matches his description, please reach out to me at eng.karim.abdelmageed@gmail.com urgently.

— The reader is an engineer based in Dubai.