This 10-month-old Dalmatian was living with insufficient care in Abu Dhabi. The dog was left to stay in the garden and was made to endure high temperature. Image Credit: Montserrat Martin/Gulf News Reader

Dubai: A 10-month-old Dalmatian is in urgent need of a home. He has only a few days left before his foster family leaves the UAE.

The dog was living with insufficient care in Abu Dhabi. He would stay in the garden where, due to the high temperature, he would whine and suffer constantly.

When we approached the owner, we were told the dog belonged to relatives and they were not taking good care of him so she was happy to give him away.

The dog then went to a lovely foster home where he gained confidence and weight. The foster family is now returning to their home country in a few days and the poor, loving, friendly chap will need an urgent home.

The new guardians must offer him nothing, but the best. He is not expecting to be a social statement in your life, to be disposed later on or traded in for ‘a newer model'.

This loving dog expects the same level of loyalty that he offers in return.

Whenever you plan to move to another country, please make sure that his ticket and new place will be right beside you.

If you wish to meet him, please call 050-7706711.

The reader is founder of Friends of Animals, Dubai

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