Courtesy: Nityashri Sankaran Being irresponsible Residents in the reader’s building have been observed to dump trash outside garbage chute room.


The importance of good and clean environment cannot be described adequately. According to many scientists, the factor which influences the growth of individuals most is environment.

Every household generates waste or garbage, which should not be thrown anywhere and everywhere, but only in trash bins. It was shocking to see some residents leave their trash bags outside the main door of the garbage chute room, in the passage, in spite of a notice that clearly indicates the procedures to be followed. Even worse, some residents just throw the open bags with contents spilling all over the place.

Throwing garbage all over the place will not only dirty our surroundings and pollute the environment, making it very unhygienic, but also causes bad odours and encourages the infestation of cockroaches, flies and other insects. There are various diseases caused due to poor maintenance of hygienic conditions.

We know for a fact that the habits learnt or followed at a young age get embedded into one’s personality. It is very important, therefore, that adults set an example at home for children and are taught clean disposal of home waste.

It is surprising how we do not seem to understand that our convenience may end up in excess costs, and health hazards to other residents, in addition to the risk of any injuries from spilt stuff, like broken plastic or glass, to the cleaners in charge.

We need to make sure that we know proper disposal rules and read and understand the rules posted near the garbage chute. Children should be educated on the need for safe trash disposal. Residents need to take the initiative to correct others when they see improper disposal. Warnings should be issued to residents who are found to dispose wrongly and fines should be imposed when caught recurrently.

We must keep our surroundings neat and clean to help us live healthy and better lives and for the betterment of society.


— The reader is a pupil based in Sharjah.


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