I have requested Dubai First to cancel my credit card through phone banking; I requested for a reference as proof. Unfortunately, the customer service officers said this was not possible, because they could only issue a clearance letter, which could only happen after 35 days. I needed a reference, even if through SMS, stating that my credit card is finally closed. I made similar requests for closure a few times in the past, but each time I did it, they would just call and inform me that my account is still active and I would discover that my account was still not cancelled. Please help!

Furthermore, I submitted a closure form on August 21, 2016, and the form was stamped by the receptionist at Dubai First in Burjuman’s Office Tower. I told her that I would surrender my credit card so she could cut it and finally finish the process of the cancellation. But she said there was no need. What she did was enter my request for the No Liability certificate on her computer and told me it would be processed in 35 days. Again, I was not given any reference for the said request, so I left, as per her advice.

On August 23, I received a call from Dubai First and found out there were interest charges that I still needed to pay on top of the 75 percent, which was supposed to be waived annual fees. But because I had cancelled the credit card earlier than what’s supposed to be covered of the annual fee, I ended up paying the full amount of Dh400. I was not previously advised that when I suddenly decide on cancelling the credit card, I would be paying the full amount of the waived annual fee. It was such a bad experience. I believe not giving a reference for a transaction made with Dubai First is a delaying tactic so clients will end up chasing after them and paying for other accumulating interests and other hidden charges.

From Ms Lorena De Villa Garcia


Ms Garcia updates:

I am in bliss regarding this issue with Dubai First! They have finally responded to my email and have confirmed, with complete details of my credit card.

Thanks for all the help, Dubai First and Gulf News. People can really rely on the newspaper and be very sure that people’s voices are heard through the publication.

The management of Dubai First responds:

At Dubai First, we are committed to provide the best of service to our card members and protect their interests. Dubai First has been in contact with Ms Garcia, and the matter has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

(Process initiation: August 25. Reader updates: August 28. Response from organisation: August 29.)

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