Moving en famille to the UAE soon? You're best warned now: start working on through our list of documents for school admissions.
Because you're moving from a different country, the government - and the school - requires certain documents that establish your child's academic performance, and needs proof that the documents are authentic.
But requirements can vary according to where you're moving from. At best, the process takes a couple of days, but at worst it could stretch on for few weeks. 
Here's a handy checklist of the documents you need. You'll need one set for each child.
1. Up to six recent passport-sized photos of the child 

2. Two copies of birth certificate in English or Arabic (if not, this should be translated and authenticated from your embassy or consulate)

3. Two copies of the child's passport and residence visa

4. One copy of each parent/guardian’s passport, residence visa and Emirates ID (to be provided as early as possible)

5. Recent medical record and copy of vaccination card along with the school’s Medical Form, duly filled out

6. A copy of the most recent school report.  

7. A Transfer Certificate from a child’s current school that needs to be on the school’s letter head, stamped and signed by the Principal, and must not be dated more than three months prior to the date of entry to the new school. The certificate needs to be attested by the the Ministry of Education, Department of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy in the country where it was issued. Attestations are not required if the applicant is coming from schools in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 
NOTE: Without this certificate, a school cannot register a student with the Ministry of Education and your child will not be able to go to school in the country. 

8. Copy of any diagnostic testing or educational assessment (if applicable)

9. Any psychological assessments (if applicable)

10. Application fee as required by the school