According to Gulf News reader Sonam Bhoneshwar, long queues occur when some motorists cannot make up their mind and edge into different lanes at traffic signals. Image Credit: Gulf News

I took this photograph of a traffic signal near Gulf Medical Centre, in Ajman. This particular stretch of road divides into two, with one traffic signal for a left turn and the other for vehicles going straight.

Earlier, the road was separated with barrier posts.

These have now been wrecked by motorists trying to cut into the left lane and hence, violating traffic rules. Due to this reason, the vehicles on the left lane are forced to give way; which in turn creates long queues as the duration of the green light is comparatively less, too.

In addition, the motorists on the right lane are delayed as they have to wait for the offending drivers to move, thus allowing vehicles to go straight smoothly.

The traffic congestion created is a sheer waste of time, dangerous and displays inconsiderate behaviour by irresponsible drivers who fail to maintain lane discipline.

The authorities should put up road barricades to maintain the divide.

This would ensure that drivers choose their route in advance and stay in their respective lanes.

It would also help reduce inconvenience caused to others. I request the concerned authorities to look into the problem to promote better road safety.

 — The reader is a student of Manipal University, Dubai, and resides in Ajman.