Jackie Covill Stella and Pudding need a soft bed to sleep on and their food and water bowl should always be full. Image Credit: Jackie Covill

Abu Dhabi

Meet Stella and Pudding, who are desperate for their forever home together. They cannot be separated.

Although Arabian Maus are desired in the rest of the would, these two seem to have had zero luck here in the UAE. They are routinely dismissed as ‘street cats’. They have sadly been in foster care for nearly two years now, with no sign of a home. We just don’t understand why they are overlooked, even though they are so friendly and have such good personalities.

They were rescued as tiny kittens from different parts of Dubai, but have now grown to be best friends. They are together all day, every day and are just inseparable!

We think it is high time that they found they own sweet forever home and a human to love. They do have a few other demands, though. They would need a soft bed to sleep on, their food and water bowl should always be full and they could use some delicious treats when they act cute. A cat tree to flex their muscles and scratch would be useful, a few sunny spots to practice cat yoga in peace and most importantly, a warm cuddly human to dole out hugs and kisses on demand.

Maybe their forever home is out there somewhere, just waiting to scoop them up forever. The best part, it doesn’t even have to be in the UAE. They can fly anywhere around the world for the perfect home.

They are sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped. They are currently approximately two years old.

Would you like to adopt them? For details on any of these pets, contact Sandy Paws on www.facebook.com/sandypawsuae

— The reader is the founder of Sandy Paws, an animal rescue group based in Abu Dhabi.