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In January, I read a community report in Gulf News by one of the readers about littering (“Fines and campaigns fail to deter people from littering”, Gulf News, January 10). I agree with the reader and fail to understand how people continue to litter in public, despite the fact that the authorities have provided large bins everywhere.

I understand that betel leaves are banned in the UAE, but those who are addicted manage to procure them despite that. After chewing on them, they end up spitting in public places. This is a huge issue, especially in Sharjah.

Sometimes, utility services department remove the locks on certain electrical cabinets for maintenance purpose. People use these as a spitting pitch!

Apart from this, some people use public utility installations as trash bins. In Sharjah’s Al Nasiriyah area, a box installed by the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa) is one such case. It is full of empty soda cans (as seen in photograph).

The authorities in all emirates have placed bins at convenient locations, which are easily accessible by all resident. But, despite this, people are seen throwing empty tea cups and cans in open places.

Nasser Rahmani, a Sharjah-based calligrapher, suggested that the authorities should conduct some more public awareness campaigns.

He said: “Even warning notices should be handed out. For instance, etisalat has affixed notices on phone booths, warning people about placing ads. This way, people may not litter in public.”

Since the UAE authorities spend a lot of money on cleanliness, we must support them in their efforts to keep our cities clean.

– The reader is based in Sharjah.

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According to a Gulf News report published in April 2012, the fine for people caught chewing and spitting paan (betel leaf) juice is Dh1,000.

Betel leaves are banned in the UAE and bringing them into the country is illegal. If a person gave a tip-off to the authorities about illegal paan traders or factories, he or she will get Dh2,000 as a reward.