Blacky Image Credit: Jackie Covill

Abandoned, abused and forgotten, such is the state of many animals around the country. Gulf News’ Save an Animal column was meant to ease their pain and help support such animals to find a loving home. In the year 2016, we published many profiles of such abandoned animals who were in need of a home to call their own and were successful in helping them find their forever families. We take a look at some of these profiles and their happy endings.

Pirate, Animal Action UAE, featured in May 2016.

At the time, he was a one-year-old cat, who was vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He was said to be very friendly. He had one eye, but it didn’t bother him and the animal rescue group recommended he live in a home with friendly female cats or as an only cat. Pirate managed to find a foster family, a single woman and a second cat, after the report and is now a permanent addition to their family.

Evan and Emma, Animal Action UAE, featured in May 2016.

Evan and Emma were three months old at the time. Evan was a well-behaved boy who played nicely with other dogs and Emma was a lovely girl with no faults. After their profiles were published, Evan was adopted by a family with three children, all boys and Emma was adopted by a family with two children, both girls.

Flossy, Animal Action UAE, featured in June 2016.

At the time, Flossy was a gorgeous puppy — a Husky and German Shepherd mix. She was approximately four months old, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. She needed an experienced owner who would have been able to give her the guidance and training she needed. She got lucky as her foster family decided to adopt her permanently. They have two children and two other dogs.

Polly, Animal Action UAE, featured in March 2016.

Polly was looking for a home since she was one month old and no one even came forth to give her a trial. She was a family pet, great with children of all ages and other dogs. A well-behaved girl, she loved being surrounded by loved ones. At the time, she was a year old and was adopted by a family with two daughters. She has connected so well with the girls.

Lewis, Sandy Paws, featured in June and September 2016.

Lewis was blind in one eye and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) positive. He was rescued by the animal welfare group and lived in a vet cage for months, until his foster family took him home after his profile was published. His foster fell in love with him and adopted him. He is currently preparing to leave for the US withhis family.

Blacky, Sandy Paws, featured in August 2016.

Blacky was found as a kitten, just eight months old, starving to death. He had a severe mouth infection and so he couldn’t eat. He spent months at the vet recovering and finally found a foster home with his friend Gemma. He now lives the life he deserves with a kind and loving couple.

Dexter, Sandy Paws, featured in September 2016.

Dexter, a beautiful boy, was also FIV positive. But, after his profile was published, he was lucky to find his new home, after being in foster for months. All his foster families loved him, but had to leave the UAE and couldn’t take him along. But, now he has been adopted by a wonderful family.