Image Credit: Adithiyan Rajan


A lot of people write about the issues they come across in their communities. But, no one ever praises the good aspects.

A few days ago, it was yet another beautiful evening in Dubai. After a tiring week of exams and studies, my family went to devour a delicious meal at a nearby restaurant. After enjoying the food, we set on our way home. We have to cross a particular junction to reach there and as this is the main junction that connects our residential area to Shaikh Zayed Road, it is always busy and we experience long queues during the weekends.

On the way, we noticed that the traffic signal on this junction had temporarily stopped functioning, which is a very rare sight in Dubai.

We expected some confusion at this moment. But, to our surprise nothing of that sort happened. All of us were puzzled at first and were not sure who would cross the junction first. But, it was a perfect exhibition of patience. Instead of causing panic and rushing, people opted to give way to others first.

Everyone waited for their turn and no one scorned at the signal for the inconvenience caused. I was highly privileged to witness such a scene without any sort of disturbance.

What I learned that day was that keeping patience and giving way to others is the perfect way to live in harmony. Dubai is the best place in the world to experience this magic with pride. It was an amazing experience and I am blessed to be a proud resident of Dubai.

— The reader is a student based in Dubai.

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