Image Credit: CarSwitch

Dubai: Buying a new car is tough, especially if you’re on the lookout for something that fits your tight budget and doesn’t compromise on quality, performance and comfort. The good news is that the UAE’s automobile market still offers some options for residents who want to invest in a new ride without breaking the bank.

Automobile experts at CarSwitch said that it is still possible to bring home something in pristine condition for under Dh35,000. A team at the UAE-based car platform has recently scanned more than 80 models in the UAE to come up with a list of some of the five cheapest vehicles you can own today. These cars may be one to two years old, but they’re not used and some of them can cost just a little over Dh30,000, or even less.

Chery Arizo 3: Dh29,900

The cheapest car on the list, Chery Arrizo 3, is best for those who want to sport a fashionable car without spending so much money. It’s the cheapest on the list at Dh29,900 and has a duck-tail design that combines beauty and practicality. The Chinese vehicle is said to offer ample storage capacity.

Suzuki Celerio: Dh31,000

Not far behind is Japanese car Suzuki Celerio. With a price tag of Dh31,000, this car is still  perfect for those on a budget. Its dynamic and sleek design makes it ideal for tight-city driving. An added bonus is the rear seat which you can fold entirely, so you can enjoy more space for your groceries or luggage.

Geely Eado: Dh33,000

Still within the budget category, Geely Eado offers performance, safety, utility and comfort for just Dh33,000. Its stylish interior fitted with comfortable leather seats, sleek exterior and great driving performance are definitely a bang for your buck.

Hyundai i10: Dh33,900

For Dh33,900, a brand new Hyundai i10 is also a great option for the budget-conscious.  “It’s cute and tiny which means it’s easy to park,” said CarSwitch. Its biggest come-on is that it isn’t a gas guzzler, plus it offers a lot of space for storage. Since it’s manufactured in South Korea, buyers can expect the safety features to be top-notch.

Kia Picanto: Dh34,900

Another South Korean car on the list, the Kia Picanto will only set you back Dh34,900.  It looks both sporty and stylish and boasts of advanced features and eco-friendly technology to guarantee a much smoother driving experience.