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You might be surprised that shark attacks aren’t as common as you think. There are so many other things in this world that can kill you and sometimes they live very peacefully amongst us. 

20. Sharks

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Sharks generally attack an average of 75 people all over the world yearly. Only 10 of these attacks end in death.

19. Leopards

Tiger Animal

The estimation is that leopards kill around 15 people a year.

18. Horses

Brown horse on field

Most of these deaths are usually accidental. Roughly 20 people die each year because of horses.

17. Cows

Brown and White Cow

Although these animals are usually quite calm, when they attack, they could be quite aggressive. Cows kill 22 people a year.  

16. Ants

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It may be difficult to believe but ants kill around 30 people a year

15. Bees

Bee Sipping Nectar on Flower during Daytime

Most of the time people die from allergic reactions to the stings. 53 people a year die from bees.

14. African Lions

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Lions kill around 70 people each year, most of these deaths take place in Africa.

13. Dogs

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Domestic dogs kill at least 100 people each year. Most of the time their aggression is because they were abused by humans.

12. Deer

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Most of the time deer kill people by just standing in the road. They kill around 120 people a year.

11. Buffalo

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Because of its large horns and aggressive attitude the buffalo kills about 200 people a year

10. Jellyfish

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There are actually very dangerous jellyfish out there. Jellyfish can kill around 225 people a year. Some of them have very potent venom.  

9. Tigers

Bengal Tiger Half Soak Body on Water during Daytime

These large cats kill more than any other big cat. They kill around 300 people each year.

8. Elephants

Gray Elephant

Although they are known to be happy and peaceful creatures, they are very big and heavy and should not be provoked. Elephants kill 500 people a year.

7. Crocodiles

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These reptiles are very dangerous and vicious creatures. They kill 1,000-2,500 people a year.

6. Scorpions

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Out of the hundred scorpion speces, only 25 of them are poisonous. Scorpions kills around 1,000-5,000 people a year.

5. Hippopotamus

Black Hipopotamus

Hippos are actually considered to be Africa’s most dangerous animal. They kill around 2,900 people every year.

4. Snakes

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Fear of snakes is very common. And we get why, because they kill around 50,000 people a year.

3. The Tse Tse Fly

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These tiny creatures are carriers of the African Trypanosomiasis, also known as the Sleeping Disease. They infect around 500,000 people every year. A huge portion of them die from the sickness and most of these take place in Africa.

2. Mosquitoes

Black White Mosquito

These little insects carry some of the worlds most dangerous diseases including malaria and dengue causing the deaths of 660,000-1,000,000 people per year.

1. Humans

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Humans are unsurprisingly the biggest killers of humans in the world. Whether it’s through gun violence, car accidents and wars to name a few, animals are not the ones to fear.


Statistics sourced from Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Wild.