Image Credit: Cleofi Capili

You'll be able to relate to 11 of these annoying things if you are a daily Dubai Metro commuter. 

1. The lost rider

The person who looks at the Dubai Metro Map with all the confusion in the world as they stare at green and red lines, colours, dots and names of the stations. It’s almost like a puzzle for someone new to Dubai.

Tip: Come on! If you have time, help the person. Show them how hospitable the residents of this city can be. 

2. The line breaker

This rider would just pop up out of nowhere and suddenly appear behind - or worse, in front of you as you wait in line to tap your Nol card.

Tip: Get his or her attention and politely point at the end of the line.

3. The punk

This rider is lost in their own little world. You have the people who actually sing out loud, others who sway to the music, and of course there're the ones who play their music so loud on their headphones that you can actually dance to the music if you tried.

Tip: Bring your own earphones to avoid this situation. 

4. The fragrant ones

There are two types of people on the metro: The ones who spray too much cologne or perfume as part of their personal grooming routine, and the others who do not care about grooming at all. 

Tip: Never cover your nose, but politely stay away. Another thing to try is to use some of your hand cream or sanitizer which will help you subtly smell something nicer or less intense.

5. The chatterboxes

You just want to start your daywith positivite vibes. But your fellow passenger starts talking and laughing loudly without a care for the others jam-packed in to the train. Sometimes they're just venting about their job or life – you’d even be given that 'look' if you’re caught staring or 'eavesdropping'. Is it eavesdropping if you are shouting in my ear?

Tip: Every long metro ride seems to have some loud over-sharers like these. Again, bring your own earphones.

6. The selfie-taker

It’s hard to believe anyone would be taking selfies on the metro, especially in the morning, when everyone is struggling to wake up or look like they've been in a zombie hunt. You try not to photobomb anybody. #iwokeuplikethis #nofilter #nomakeup #allnatural

Tip: Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. 

7. The force

These are the people on the platform, who are forcing themselves onto the train, while other passengers try to get off. They’re like the walkers on The Walking Dead; zombies who don’t seem to be aware of how things are supposed to run on a metro platform. This is a problem especially when the metro is packed during the rush hours. Hey, wait your turn!

Tip: Don’t push them back towards the platform, no matter how badly you want it. And if you are leading the way in, use that to help others get off first, just to avoid injury.

8. The breather

This is the rider who would stand over you and breathe down your neck... It's true, personal space is almost non-existent on metros in rush hour, but you could look up or sideways or anywhere except another person's neck. 

Tip: Smile politely and try not to give the person a death stare.

9. The tad-bit territorial

This rider is always seen using up two seats, usually with a bag. When the cabin is almost airtight beyond any level of comfort, this rider should have the decency to squish himself on to one seat, as the rules intended.

Tip: Go to them and say politely that you need to sit. 

10. The bag-a-holic rider

This rider brings a ton of stuff. Their office bag, hand bag and their work-out bag too. They could also have a lunch pack and an extra bag for all the other things they might need for the day. Oh and there’s always someone bringing a box as well. Enough!

Tip: If you're the person with a lot of stuff, please remember that it’s tight enough already. Try putting your bag in a corner or hold it between your feet. Having all of it in your hands is more space consuming. 

11. The annoyingly on-the-way liar

You hear the rider say “I’m on my way. I’ll meet you at the Business Bay Metro Station at 6pm. I’m here at Emirates Towers.” You hear this and want to scream - ah, ah! We’re still on the green line platform and it’s already 5.50pm!” You'll be late buddy. Very late.

Tip: We've all been there. Give the guy or gal a break already 

12: The You-Shall-Not-Pass 

An extra suggestion from one of our readers commenting through Facebook:

"The one who stand plumb on the middle of the doorway playing games on his (or her) mobile, while everyone one else is trying to get in or out."

Tip: Yoga classes. They will help you get a bit more flexible to shimmy around the person. And help you with your anger as well.