Blue Oasis
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Blue Oasis Veterinary Clinic (BOVC) has been providing a warm, caring and trustworthy service to clients and their pets since 2008. Its services include emergency and critical care and intensive care, surgical care, internal medicine, radiology including x-ray, ultrasound and MRI, dental care, physiotherapy, gold bead implants, vaccinations, micro-chipping and house visits.

Choosing a vet for your pet is as important as choosing a doctor to take care of your own health. Pet owners need to choose a vet they can trust and who will be readily available to provide timely treatment for their pet. Blue Oasis Veterinary Clinic is the veterinary clinic that can be turned to with the utmost confidence when a pet is unwell or needs regular care. When every second counts, owners and their animals can count on BOVC. Blue Oasis Veterinary Clinic is a comfortable and well-equipped facility, which allows its team to provide superior care and treatment. Eleven highly educated, experienced veterinary surgeons and more than 30 non-academic employees strive to provide the highest quality of care under strict ethical standards. With outstanding professionalism, compassion and customer service towards each patient and client, treatments are tailored to each pet’s individual needs and exceed client expectations.

Regular training ensures each staff member stays up-to-date with the latest scientific developments, and the hospital is equipped with the latest monitoring and diagnostic tools, to enable the highest standard of soft tissue and bone surgery. BOVC is the only private-run veterinary clinic in the Middle East with a veterinary dedicated MRI system (Esaote MRVet Grande). Furthermore, the clinic uses a state-of-the-art digital x-ray and Doppler Ultrasound besides the usual electronic and technical equipment. Also part of the clinic is a full fledged laboratory designed to perform blood chemistry, haematology, bacteriology and sensitivity, parasitology and cytology.

Clients are both delighted and relieved with the level of care their pets receive, with one person saying, “The vets, the nurses and reception staff at Blue Oasis are all superb. They do not rest until your fur baby is properly diagnosed and treated, no matter what the case may be. Thank you for all that you do: your patience, knowledge shared, and overall care for all your patients.”

Another client said, “Best vet clinic in UAE. I have been going there now for over 11 years. I just lost my dog, and my other dog was seriously injured — they managed to get my dog back on her feet within six days. I am so happy and I would recommend this clinic, as the friendliness and professionalism is just fantastic. Thank you for doing all you could for Luci.”