Effective workouts are possible at home with essential fitness equipment Image Credit: Supplied

Health clubs, gyms, and fitness centres are opening and it seems like the world is trying to get back to normal. This is a heart balm for fitness enthusiasts, but the question remains if it is entirely safe to go to a public gym. As per the current situation, even if vaccine dispensations are widely in progress, it is best to workout from home, at least for a few more months.

The lockdown days witnessed a steep increase in the number of people who found a space for workouts at their home itself. The increase in the number of fitness apps and online fitness courses has added more motivation to build basic home gyms.

According to a survey conducted by consumer-spending experts, about 76 per cent of people have tried workouts at their homes during the pandemic, and 66 per cent have found it more effective and comfortable than the public fitness centres and gyms. The benefit of saving gym membership fees has helped many to add more equipment to their home gyms. Fitness experts suggest that effective workouts are possible even with essential fitness equipment. That does not mean that gyms are out, just that modern methods to get fitness are in, and it is much safer.

There is no limit to home fitness. It is a misunderstanding that home gyms have constraints. Running, cycling, rowing, lifting, and training like a professional is viable at home gyms too. Even though public gyms have apparent benefits of various equipment, studies show that virtually any amount of physical activity at any intensity will help prevent chronic disease, improve longevity and enhance mental health. A 15-minute walk on a treadmill or a YouTube yoga class can make a difference. For those who want a natural outdoor ambiance, outdoor games and activities can be productive.

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