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Welcome to the world, where Indian hair tradition and wisdom is infused with the best of ingredients from around the world.

Inspired by ancient Indian ingredients that have been time-tested for gorgeous strands of lustrous locks, Indian beauty rituals are no longer unattainable as Emami has transformed the hair-game for thousands across the globe. Their objective with 7 Oils in One as a brand is to provide a blend of ayurvedic, herbal, potent, 100 per cent natural oils, which provide complete haircare solutions.

We have applied our ancient Indian wisdom to combat hair-related issues that men and women face today.

- Arup Ganguly, COO of Emami MENAP

“Indian women have glossy, long, lustrous, and unequivocally healthy-looking hair. We’ve yearned to know the deepest, juiciest secrets behind the gorgeous strands of Indian women,” says Arup Ganguly, COO of Emami MENAP, “Thus, we have applied our ancient Indian wisdom to combat hair-related issues that men and women face today. We are a fully committed brand and with our collective capabilities, we want to optimise and adapt our portfolio to the changing times, and deliver a vast range of holistic products that cater to our consumers. Our forte lies in our potential to deliver products that are blended with 100 per cent natural oils. Emami’s philosophy is to provide the best quality of natural and effective products and exceed the expectations of our consumers.”

The blends of the new variants of Emami 7 Oils in One are formulated with 100 per cent natural oils without mineral oil and any paraben.

l Blackseed and hibiscus oil blend: This provides shiny, black and lustrous locks that further prevents premature greying of hair naturally.

l Cactus and garlic oil blend: This focuses on controlling hair fall and further gives one thicker and stronger hair.

l Shea butter and argan blend: This adds moisture to dry and brittle hair, while preventing hair breakage.

l Castor and almond: This blend tackles frizzy and damaged hair and provides thicker, stronger and healthier locks.