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Your horoscope for 2018: What the stars hold for you

From relationships to finance, world renowned astrologer Shelley von Strunckel gives you a hint of what’s to expect this year

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Aries March 20 – April 19


This really is your kind of year. Its unexpected twists and turns and exciting changes will keep even the most easily-bored of Aries busy. With the planet of focus, Saturn, newly arrived to accent the structure of your life, at home and out in the world, change is happening. However, much of what arises will be a trial run, simply because with the actual foundation on which those plans are based shifting, and in some cases over the coming three years, life’s about organising things to suit you now, yet continually exploring your options. Focus more on what you learn and who you meet, and you’ll be prepared to make the best of those changes, during 2018 and, equally, the coming years.

Love and close relationships

While you’ll thrive, if not enjoy the challenges of 2018, not everybody is as resilient as you are. This especially applies to certain sensitive individuals or those who’re struggling with their own dramas. Make time to support them. They’ll be grateful and it enrich your life, too.

Finance and business

There’s a side of your nature that’s a gambler, whether it comes to money, your work or even, on occasion, relationships. Yet during, you’re urged to be cautious, especially when it comes to practical, professional or financial matters. Let from observation, not risk-taking.

Health and wellbeing

Every once in a while, you’ll become obsessed with the latest diet or looking after yourself physical wellbeing. Dull as being disciplined is, it’s the best bet. The secret? Do it with somebody who’ll encourage you.

Taurus April 20 – May 20


As a Taurus, you thrive on stability. Yet recently, life has become a little too predictable, so much you’ll welcome the new ideas, unexpected offers and changes that are the major theme for 2018. Some are no surprise, others a relief, but all about broadening your horizons via study, or exploring new ways or places to live or work. Sudden or impractical as these seem, your experiences, encounters and what you learn are preparing you for the exciting if unsettling cycle mid-year, when the inventive Uranus makes a temporary visit to Taurus, giving you a taste of the coming years’ excitement. If you can’t say a firm ‘yes’, at least explore what arises. The more you learn, the more optimistic you’ll be.

Love and close relationships

There’s a stubborn streak in your nature that, once you’ve made a plan sticks to it, despite changes going on around you. Since 2018 will bring regular shifts your way, you’re better off letting go of some of those plans. You may battle this, but it will be a huge relief.

Finance and business

Once you recognise the world around you, and your own circumstances are shifting, then instead of battling new developments, you’ll adopt an adventurous approach. You’ll not only enjoy the year’s twists and turns, you’ll profit from them.

Change is in the air, especially in the financial realms. Yet you’re still sticking with arrangements you made, many long ago. At least rethink these. Once you begin to broaden your horizons, you’ll realise how many opportunities you’ve bypassed. Now is your chance to make up for lost time.

Health and wellbeing

When life’s challenging, there are few things that lift your spirits more than relaxing with those whose company you enjoy and something delicious to eat. However, during 2018, you’ll want your body fit and mind clear, which means combining heathy eating with luxury, something you’ll learn about this year.

Gemini May 21 – June 20


As much as you’ve complained about being saddled with dull tasks and boring decisions, during 2018 you’ll either need to share these with others or they’re be taken out of your hands, and you won’t be happy about it. Or, at least, at first. You’ll soon realise how much you’re learning from dealing with those who’re less imaginative than you, but who understand which details are crucial versus those that can be ignored. This slows your pace, which is good news, because not until the Gemini New Moon, on 13 June, will it be clear how you can blend, and benefit from, these insights. Better yet, what you learn be as profitable personally as it will be financially.

Love and close relationships

Nobody is as capable of being charming and, even more, turning social and business events into an exciting occasion. Yet with so much on your mind, you could almost turn off that inquisitive side of your nature, and in fact, forget about having fun. If so, make a point of rediscovering it. You won’t regret it.

Finance and business

The unsettled yet exciting vibe of 2018 suits you, and means you’ll be in the right place at the right time, especially when it comes to investments or business. But, as you know, details aren’t your strength. This year, double check, possibly with grounded friends or colleagues, that you’ll actually benefit from what you’ve organised.

Health and wellbeing

One of your most remarkable assets is your enthusiasm for what, or who, interests and excites you. But sometimes you allow those feelings to overwhelm your everyday routine or even undermine the way you look after yourself. This is the year you’ll learn to balance the two.

Cancer June 21 – July 21


Once you understand this year’s two powerful themes, you’ll also realise 2018 isn’t about making, and sticking to, a single plan but, rather, ongoing growth and change. With powerful Saturn joining Pluto in accenting all forms of alliances, personal and professional, existing relationships will shift dramatically while new ones will lead to exciting, if not life-changing, ideas or offers. The second theme, breaking away from familiar habits or pursuits, may be challenging initially but leads you into new territory. During most of the year, focus on learning more about what’s on offer and who’s involved. Decisions can, and should, wait until your options are clearer, as they will be late this year and during the coming two.

Love and close relationships

The trick to dealing with the often unsettling but ultimately exciting events during 2018, and especially their impact on those closest, is to focus on keeping things light. If discussion is necessary, tackle issues. Then, once they’re dealt with, make a point of having a good time.

Finance and business

As a Cancerian and water sign, you’re intuitive, as much about business and finances as people. Pay attention to those feelings during this often complicated and confusing year, and you’ll find your way through changes with a canny wisdom, one that will have others seeking your advice.

Health and wellbeing

It makes no difference if it’s you are others, you long ago learnt there are many ways you can turn a glum mood into a good one. But all of them involve getting out and about, even if it’s a walk that ends with an uplifting event, from a meal to a movie. The formula doesn’t matter as much as the inspiration, one that’s great for you but even better shared with others.

Leo July 22 – August 22


Disruptive as a potential reorganisation of elements of your domestic or working life seem, they’re not only timely, once you’ve made them, you’ll realise they’re breakthroughs. Since discussion is unlikely to achieve much, instead, explore your options. For ages you’d thought about making changes, but nothing has excited you. The trick is to get involved. The sooner you do, the more swiftly you’ll understand the nature and, more important, the benefit of even a seemingly disruptive reorganisation. Better yet, once you begin, you’ll be ideally positioned to take advantage of ideas or offers, midyear, as unexpected as they are thrilling. Here, again, be courageous. The sooner you get involved, the more swiftly you’ll recognise their promise.

Love and close relationships

You’ve a talent for turning even the most everyday occurrence into an event, one that lift’s everybody’s spirits. During this year, with its ups and downs, this will come in handy. Don’t be shy about getting those who’d rather sit around up and moving. They’ll grumble at first, but will soon thank you and, next time, will be eager.

Finance and business

In most areas of your life, your inborn passion is a gift. During periods as uncertain as this, and times when once-solid arrangements aren’t as reliable as the once were, caution is vital. If you find this dull or difficult, link up with somebody who both has a talent for, and enjoys dealing with such matters.

Health and wellbeing

Living well is always important, but never quite so much as now. The boost this gives you is immeasurable. Yet you’ll want to balance that with proper fitness and a focus in eating well. Make achieving that your focus, and during 2018, you’ll both enjoy the year, and thrive.

Virgo August 23 – September 22


This is a year of discovery. In some cases it’s about revisiting past ideas or offers but, also, it’s about being open to unexpected events, even those that could lead to far-reaching changes. The trick is to explore everything and, should something interest you, start small. This gives you a chance to get to know more about the actual situation and the people involved. But, as much, you’ll discover new interests. In every case, it’s about overcoming your tendency to try to figure everything out beforehand and, instead, allowing day-by-day experience be your guide. When you look back on who you met, and what you did, you’ll be thrilled to discover how far you’ve come. 117

Love and close relationships

Having a knack for looking after the needs of others is a blessing but, at times, a burden. Unless you are clear in your own mind what’s wise and what isn’t, you could get drawn into others’ dramas. Achieving a balance between these won’t be easy, but once you do, everybody will profit from it.

Finance and business

No matter what the area of life, your practical nature gives you an amazing capacity to sense what’s worthwhile and what isn’t. Yet when it comes to money or business, you’ll sometimes ignore those instincts and stick with conventional ideas. This year you may want to review that, and heed those remarkable insights of yours.

Health and wellbeing

Many Virgos have health rituals, some involve eating a certain way, others one particular fitness routine. If you’re one of those, this is the year to try something new. Why? With circumstances changing, so, too, must the way you look after yourself. The more flexible your routine, the better.

Libra September 23 – October 22


With Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and good fortune, having been in Libra for most of 2017, you begin this year with lots of ideas in mind. While you may have already acted on a few, you’re unsure about whether you should take others forward, and if so, exactly what your plan should be. This confusion is no surprise. With the thorough, cautious Saturn accenting these changes, either plans will proceed slowly or as you learn more, you’ll be forced to rethink things. Actually, this is best, since with the basis on which those arrangements are based shifting, figuring out what’s best will take time. Still, events around the Libra New Moon on 9 October, should clear the way. 117

Love and close relationships

Only months ago, you wouldn’t have believed you’d be tackling, and still less, discussing certain issues that you’ve been carefully avoiding, some for ages. Yet circumstances are giving you no choice. Even more amazing is the fact that once you’re accustomed to these frank discussions, you find yourself taking this approach in a range of situations.

Finance and business

It’s the rare Libra who lives to make money. Even those who adore business, and there are many, like the challenging and, often, manipulating people, and enjoy the freedom and leisure that being successful brings. But now, with bountiful Jupiter accenting this side of life, you actually can have it all.

Health and wellbeing

Being an air sign, and ruled by the luxury-loving Venus, you’re more likely to exercise or eat well if what you’re doing is interesting and, ideally, in a beautiful setting. And why not? Forget sweaty gyms and head for the most elegant spa you can find. After that, the rest will be easy.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21


When looking back on the twists and turns you encountered during 2018, you’ll recognise how each contributed something to this remarkable period. This is due to the influence of expansive Jupiter’s presence for much of the year, until November. It’s just the benefits of the ideas, offers and surprises it triggers won’t always be recognisable for what they are, at least at first. Knowing that, explore everything that comes your way, especially what seems unappealing or unwise. Once you get involved, you’ll recognise unexpected, and often thrilling promise in those. And be patient. Things may not come together until the Scorpio New Moon on 7 November. After that, the next steps will be crystal clear.

Love and close relationships

The last thing you’re in the mood for are discussions about already tense issues. Yet your instincts are correctly telling you these can’t be ignored. Ironically, once you actually begin talking things over, it will be so easy, and such a relief, you’ll wonder why you worried about it at all.

Finance and business

Ordinarily you’ve a talent for knowing what’s wise, a good bet and worth staying away from. But because 2018 is such an unsettled year, even your instincts won’t be at their best. The trick is to note those feelings, but run them by others who, equally, sense as much as they assess what’s happening. Together you’ll figure it out.

Health and wellbeing

While a few Scorpios enjoy the austerity of a gym and, equally, the virtue of a strict diet, most try to work out a balance between life’s luxuries and maintaining some degree of fitness. During 2018 you’ll find new ways to achieve this, often in completely unexpected circumstances.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 20


Initially you’re likely to be frustrated by the slow pace forced by events or, possibly, arrangements involving others. However, gradually you’ll realise it’s giving you an opportunity to investigate changes, new ideas or offers. This allows you to get to know the people involved and go into greater depth than is usually possible. The resulting discussions take you in new territory, in terms your objectives and the people involved, or could even involve a move into a new setting. Also, 2018 is about teamwork. In fact, decisions won’t always be yours to make. While annoying initially, you soon realise others’ ideas are more far-reaching, if not exciting, than those you’d have come up with.

Love and close relationships

While certain matters need to be reviewed then dealt with, and in depth, you’re urged to be wary of discussions that seem set to go on for ages. A gradual approach gives everybody vital time for research and, as important, reflection.

Finance and business

Being a Sagittarius, you’ve a strong sense of timing and, even more, sometimes benefit from being in the right place, at the right time. This is just such a year. While you’ll be short of facts, with a little investigation, you’ll find certain ideas or investments are actually a very good idea.

Health and wellbeing

It’s not that you dislike eating, sport of feeling fit. It’s that you prefer to live life on your own terms, which means decide when, and where you’ll exercise and what you’ll eat. While that’s logical it could also mean you end up having your meals in a rush and totally lacking time for even those sports you love. The more organised you are, the better.

Capricorn December 21 – January 19


Most Capricorns plan ahead, and while during 2018, that will continue, you’ll soon realise that even the simplest of arrangements will change, and often. Worrying as that sounds, the planetary set-up favours you, at least in the long term. Certainly the events triggered by the stunning alliance between your ruler Saturn and clever Uranus, in August and September, indicates thrilling if surprising developments. Knowing that, during the year’s first half, make plans but don’t battle changes. Often these are about decluttering your life but, as frequently, the unexpected will be introducing you to something or somebody wonderful. These new activities or alliances will contribute to the powerful shift in your own identity, one that opens doors in wonderful if unexpected ways.

Love and Close Relationships

Although you don’t realise it, you’re a creature of habit, especially when it comes to close relationships, at home or even out in the world. Once you find a rhythm, a routine, you stick with it. Now not only should that change, doing things differently creates the space necessary to make some timely changes.

Finance and Business

Being an earth sigh, you both rely on past experience to shape decisions, and not just in the practical side of your life. But, also, you’re canny enough to notice that with so much changing around you, so, too, must those seemingly unchanging arrangements. This includes your approach to money and business.

Health and Wellbeing

There’s a fine line between a routine, that is getting in the habit of doing something that benefits you and a ‘regime’ which is grim and not much fun. It seems you’ve gotten into the latter, which has taken much of the fun and enthusiasm out of this side of your life. Break away, do something new, just for the fun of it.

Aquarius January 20 – February 17


As an inquisitive Aquarian, you adore hearing what others are doing, learning and exploring and, equally, about the changes reshaping their lives. Meanwhile, you’ve been exploring numerous options and thinking long and hard about actually undertaking serious changes. However, 2018 is a very different year, because events make those decisions for you, altering the foundation of your way of living or working, or introducing you to new, and fabulously appealing, people or pursuits. These are so exciting there’s no debate. While some changes go smoothly, those around eclipses on February and late July are sudden, dramatic yet clearly in your best interests. Waste to time on debate. The sooner you plunge in, the better. You won’t regret it.

Love and close relationships

As much as you value certain long-standing relationships, some have become boring. This isn’t easy to admit, but certain habits or rituals have prevented you going new places or doing new things. The time has come to break away from these, if only by rethinking what you do when you’re together.

Finance and business

Usually, it’s not until everyday matters turn into practical problems that you think about these, or whether changes are needed. Judging by the planetary set-up for 2018, not only is this wise, it may be time for an extensive rethink of once rewarding but now costly arrangements.

Health and wellbeing

Don’t be surprised if somebody lures you into some variety of activity that you’ve always avoided because you were sure you’d hate it. But you don’t. In fact, you’re suddenly more enthusiastic about it than for ages. This will bring new enthusiasm to this side of your life.

Pisces February 18 – March 19


By no means are you narrow-minded. Yet you long ago learnt that certain places, people and activities don’t suit you, and something always goes wrong. While that was once true, times have changed and so have many of those situations, as you’ll discover during 2018. So when developments that arise seem familiar, and are a reminder of past disappointments if not disasters, still, explore them. This variety of willingness to delve into both seemingly familiar elements of the past and new but not especially exciting ideas, will pay off handsomely. At minimum, you’ll learn something. But many of these will lead to events, offers or alliances far better than you’d imagined possible only recently.

Love and close relationships

Being told you should be more selfish may seem ridiculous but, as you well know, you often put the needs of others before your own. Finding a balance isn’t easy but is a timely project. And give this time. What you learn about others and, even more, yourself may be the greatest benefit of this change.

Finance and business

In the past you’ve listened to, and been influenced by the sad tales of others. And, at times, you’ve helped them. During 2018 you’ll need to be tough, and in a way that’s unusual but, as you’ll soon realise, a very good idea.

Health and wellbeing

As much as you enjoy feeling fit and having the resilience that comes with looking after yourself, life will be full of distractions. Pursue those intriguing activities but, also, ensure you have time enough to look after yourself. You’ll be glad you did.