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‘Pullikaran Stara’ film review: Tries too hard

Mammootty stars as a teachers’ trainer in this comedy that fails to entertain

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Rajakumaran (Mammootty) a middle-aged bachelor arrives in Kochi as a teachers’ trainer in a primary school in the film Pullikaran Stara.

His life changes when caught between two women — Manjari (Asha Sharath) a childhood crush who is now married and working in the same primary school, and Manjima (Deepti Sati) a young woman dumped by her lover.

Syam Dhar’s debut film, 7th Day, was an interesting thriller but this sophomore venture falls flat with its juvenile comedy and weak script.

Pullikaran Stara opens with a soldier (Alencier Ley Lopez) returning home from war and walking straight into the bedroom with his wife. And, their son Rajakumaran is born.

What’s funny about a baby’s hand accidently brushing against the breast of a nurse? This is one of the many juvenile jokes that give Rajakumaran a “reputation” and keeps women away from him.

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So when he arrives in Kochi, his schoolmate Stephen (Dileesh Pothan) decides to help his reputation; in other words, get him married. But the naive Rajakumaran needs to be educated on matters of love and intimacy.

Pullikaran Stara tries hard to be a comedy but the humour barely tickles. How is it funny when men peek in to watch a woman bathing? Double entendres are thrown in.

Neither are the characters well written nor does the screenplay hold your attention.

Actor Innocent playing a retired police officer goes over the top with his comic moments. A performer like Asha Sharath has little to do. Deepti Sati of NeeNa fame impresses again.

Some nice moments are seen in Rajkumaran’s classroom. Like the scenes where he pulls up the other teachers and in that odd class for students where he encourages them to ask questions.

A scene that is predictable and pander’s to Mammotty’s image is a road accident where he rescues a child. Rajakumaran is a role Mammooty can sleep walk in.


Pullikaran Stara releases in the UAE on October 12.