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Recipe: Tiramisu cake

Here is a simple way to prepare and indulge in a yummy, guilt-free, less sugary and easy to make no-bake cake

Tiramisu cake
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Tiramisu cake

I love my tiramisu with less cream and more custard with biscuit texture. Some people might prefer more cream in it, but the diet-conscious folks can use a lesser amount of cream and sugar. The biscuits used already come in packs coated with sugar so you can adjust the sugar according to your preference.

This recipe makes four servings


3 eggs
½ tsp vanilla essence
50 grams of sugar
400 grams mascarpone cheese
3 tsp instant coffee mixed with 250ml water
20 lady finger biscuits (Vicensovo Italian ladyfingers or  other biscuits of your choice)
50 grams cocoa powder


1. Prepare the instant coffee in hot water and leave it to cool.

2. Separate egg yolks from the whites.

3. Simmer water in a saucepan on a stovetop. In another clean and dry bowl, mix egg yolks, sugar and vanilla essence and whisk it together. Hold this bowl over the simmering water and whisk continuously for five minutes to prevent the eggs from getting scrambled. Once the eggs are cooked and the sugar has dissolved into thick custard, turn off the heat on the pan and let it cool. This whole process takes around 5 minutes.

4. In a separate dry bowl, whisk egg whites to stiff peaks.

Tip: Using a cold glass bowl for this process helps the egg whites to stiffen much faster and saves a lot of time. I usually whisk with my hands and this tip is a time and energy saver.

5. Gently add and whisk the mascarpone cheese with the custard mix.

6. Dip the lady fingers for few seconds in the coffee. Line them up in a serving bowl or tray of your choice. Add a layer of the custard on top of all the lined biscuits. Repeat the process of layering the lady fingers dipped in coffee and cover them up with the remaining custard. 

7. Dust cocoa powder on top. For better results refrigerate it overnight and serve chilled.


Giselle Gerson is a Gulf News reader