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IHOP? It is now...

Popular restaurant chain IHOP has changed its name and the Twitter world just went berserk

  • A tweet from iHObImage Credit: Twitter
  • The Twitter page of IHOb.Image Credit: Twitter


Yes, that is the new name for popular restaurant chain IHOP or formerly International House of Pancakes.

The "b" in the name is to promote its new line of burgers.

In the UAE, a customer service representative from one of six outlets in the emirates told Gulf News that there was yet no official correspondence from management on the name change.

As of Monday, #ihob was trending on Twitter, with more than 13,400 tweets.

Many expressed shock and disappointment at the name change, with a lot of people calling it a "bad decision".

And here's what burger chain Wendy's has to say about their newest competition:

Some celebrities also have poked fun at the name change.