Rami Al Ali Image Credit: Expose Communications

Distinguished fashion designer Rami Al Ali proudly unveils a groundbreaking milestone in Ard Dyar's quest to empower and nurture Syrian talent in the region. The launch of Ard Dyar's online platform marks a monumental leap forward, showcasing the organization's tireless commitment to creating a thriving Syrian talent community.

Al Ali exclusively shares his perspective with us on why he’s so adamant to support the Syrian community, “each Syrian who has achieved success in their career holds a responsibility to give back and share their knowledge and experiences, thus perpetuating success throughout the community.”

Ard Dyar, a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) in the USA, now stands as the central pillar of this remarkable initiative. The digital realm it offers is poised to provide a wealth of resources, opportunities, and connections, all designed to propel Syrian talent towards their dreams of success. With an intuitive and captivating user interface, the website promises an immersive experience that truly captures the essence of Ard Dyar – a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating and nurturing emerging talents.

This initiative is another chapter in Rami Al Ali's legacy of supporting the Syrian community and facilitating access to experiences that nurture creativity and innovation. By introducing influential industry leaders to the burgeoning pool of Syrian talent, Ard Dyar aspires to fuel curiosity and inspire dreams of becoming the future's trailblazers, innovators, and leaders.

The digital platform enriches the Ard Dyar experience with a range of essential features. These include an introduction to the Concept, an exclusive Webinar Series, a vibrant Community Hub, and a spotlight on its esteemed Board Members, including Bassem Terkawi, Fares Akkad, Hala Khayat, Hawazen Esber, Lina Attar, Mohamad Kaswani, Sarhad Haffar, and Tarek Al Jundi. Furthermore, a practical section dedicated to Resources and Opportunities is readily accessible, along with comprehensive Contact and Support information.

Al Ali expresses his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "We are thrilled to unveil the new Ard Dyar website, which will serve as a dynamic platform for our community to connect, collaborate, and learn. This digital space embodies our dedication to supporting Syrian talent and creating a global network of individuals who share our passion for nurturing creativity."

To commemorate this significant milestone, Al Ali recently hosted an exclusive online lecture titled "The distinction between mentoring, advising, consulting on one side and making your own decision on the other side." The lecture featured expert speaker Bassem Terkawi and marked the beginning of an exciting series of lectures and webinars.

“For years, I've harbored a dream - to foster a global Syrian community of brilliant minds, illuminating their success stories on a worldwide stage, and igniting inspiration among the younger generation, fueling their aspirations.”

Ard Dyar's online platform represents a beacon of hope and empowerment for Syrian talent, serving as a testament to Rami Al Ali's ever growing commitment to nurturing creativity and bringing a brighter future for all. As the platform continues to evolve, it promises to be an indispensable resource for emerging talents on their journey to success.