Image Credit: Andrea Rossetti

Switzerland's Lugano welcomes a dynamic artistic narrative this Autumn as the Bally Foundation presents the debut solo exhibition of Saudi-American Artist, Sarah Brahim, titled '‘Sometimes we are eternal,’’ at the enchanting Villa Heleneum. The showcase unfolds a decade-long odyssey, revealing Brahim's transformative journey amidst profound loss, art's unyielding nature, and the eternal interplay of past and present.

Central to this exhibition is the concept of "intrabody," a term Brahim shapes to explore the intricate connections between the inner self and the boundless cosmos. In a stunning dance between her art and essence, Brahim amalgamates her dance background into a dialogue within her creations. Spanning across two floors at Villa Heleneum, the space resonates as a dance studio, housing an eclectic blend of video and sound installations, sculptures, and photographs. Together, these elements narrate a compelling story that challenges our perceptions of existence and our tangible presence in the world.

Image Credit: Sarah Brahim and Jonathan Robinson

Hailing from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sarah Brahim's artistic voyage commenced in 1992, steeped in training from esteemed institutions such as the San Francisco Conservatory, the London School of Contemporary Dance, and the Oregon Health and Science University. Her residencies at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center in New York in 2023 and the Baroness Nina von Maltzahn Fellowship for the Performing Arts have sign ificantly shaped her trajectory.

The collaboration between the Bally Foundation and Sarah Brahim marks not only an artistic milestone but stands as an embodiment of the foundation's dedication to Lugano's cultural landscape. This partnership not only celebrates art but also echoes the foundation's unwavering commitment to shaping local and global dialogues, illustrating its integral role in the city's artistic evolution.

Image Credit: Andrea Rossetti

Experience this extraordinary exhibition at Villa Heleneum in Lugano, Switzerland, open to the public until April 28, 2024. Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of '‘Sometimes we are eternal,’’ and explore Sarah Brahim's 'intrabody' journey.