A reader from Dhabi asks: I just completed my probation period of 6 months as a salesman in a company. The management terminated me without notice over disciplinary matter and due to my low performance as per my company and less experience.
According to the labour contract they should have provided air ticket both ways but I paid for my ticket to arrive in Dubai. My contract is unlimited and I’m happy with this termination. I like to leave and go back to my home country.
They insist that I sign cancellation papers without even informing me of what my total dues are. And also I did not receive my salary for 3 months .Should my employer pay 3 months salary as compensation for terminating my contract without legal reason. Can I claim a refund of air ticket I bought and my 3months salary as well?
They hold my passports and I need to know which authority I should contact to get my passports.
Can they force me to sign a cancellation papers without giving my right and my passports? Please advise

I would like to advise the questioner that in the event of failure to reach an amicable solution with the employer, he may file a complaint before the Ministry of Labour to claim his rights. The questioner is not obliged to sign any paper made by the sponsor unless he obtains his rights, as he will be requested to sign a paper issued by the Ministry of Labour pertaining the questioner signature on his receipt of end-of-service gratuity. As for tickets, the questioner may claim the return tickets from his home country to UAE and vice versa. As for the compensation for the arbitrary dismissal, the labour court will decide whether the questioner was dismissed arbitrarily or not. With respect of the questioner’s passport, he may file complaint before the competent court to demand the passports because as per the Labour Law, the sponsor is not entitled to retain the worker’s passport. Therefore, if the questioner has not been able to obtain his full right amicably before the Ministry of Labour, he may ask the ministry to refer the complaint to the competent court.