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Abu Dhabi first in 9 safest cities of the world in 2017

Numbeo came out with safety indices for 2017 and UAE has the best safety score in the world

  • Abu Dhabi
    Image Credit: Gulf News Archive
  • Burj Khalifa
    Dubai comes in at #5 in the 'Safest cities of Asia'Image Credit: Silvia Baron/ANM

Numbeo is a website that curates and collates user generated data to come out with life indices across the world. We looked through their safety indices for the year and Abu Dhabi in the UAE was ranked as the safest in the world. Dubai comes close behind at a low crime index of 19.52.

Safest in the world 

RankCity (Country)Crime IndexSafety Index
1Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates13.5486.46
2Basel, Switzerland16.3483.66
3Munich, Germany16.483.6
4Singapore, Singapore16.983.1
5Quebec City, Canada17.0882.92
6Taipei, Taiwan17.3882.62
7Boise, ID, United States17.7182.29
8Bern, Switzerland18.4781.53
9Zurich, Switzerland18.6781.33

Dhaka (Bangladesh) was given the tag of the most dangerous city in Asia while San Pedro Sula (Honduras) got ranked as the most dangerous city in the world.

Safest in Asia

RankCity (Country)Crime IndexSafety Index
1Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates13.5486.46
2Singapore, Singapore16.983.1
3Taipei, Taiwan17.3882.62
4Tokyo, Japan19.3880.62
5Dubai, United Arab Emirates19.5280.48
6Hong Kong, Hong Kong20.0779.93
7Osaka, Japan20.1379.87
8Tbilisi, Georgia20.3779.63
9Bursa, Turkey21.1278.88