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  • We take you on a road trip through the new Sharjah-Khor Fakkan Road
  • What it's like to drive through the desert, majestic mountains and five tunnels
  • There are "gems" for tourists waiting to be discovered along the way

Sharjah, Khor Fakkan: There are few journeys to be made in the UAE — where the road itself becomes the destination.

That's what we found during a road trip to Khor Fakkan on the new 89-km road linking Sharjah with the Bride of the Eastern Coast.

The road is clean, smooth, wide...there are gems waiting to be discovered along the way.  First off, it’s where you can find the longest tunnel in the Middle East. It has not just one — but five — tunnels. You can go boating on a lake, too.

This road, built at the cost of Dh6 billion which reduces the drive from Sharjah to the coastal city from two hours to 45 minutes, is a link between the Arabian Gulf with the country's picturesque eastern coast.

There's also a historic site on this route, the Resistance Memorial, commemorating the people of Khor Fakkan who fought against a Portuguese seaborne attack at the beginning of the 16th Century. And of course, there's Khor Fakkan itself, steeped in rich history.

Ride along with us.