Most areas at the Living Legends Community in Al Barari remain underdeveloped and unsuitable for people residing in the area. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has investigated the lack of water supply to around 170 villas in phase three of the Living Legends community in Dubai, pointing out that it is an issue from the developer’s side.

Dewa said on Wednesday that it is “not responsible for this issue as the developer was not supposed to lease the units without obtaining completion certificates for infrastructure prior to leasing the units”.

Dewa pointed out that the main contractor of the project has caused the “delay in water infrastructure works”.

The community has three phases: Phase one includes 186 villas that have water and electricity connections; phase two has 144 villas, some of which were handed over without electricity connections; and phase three has 170 villas, all without water connections.

As for electricity supply, Dewa partially released power to 419 villas on March 28, based on an agreement with the developer. Electricity connections to the remaining villas cannot be given due to incomplete wiring in the meter cabinets by the developer’s contractor, Dewa said in a statement to Gulf News.

“Dewa has communicated with the developer to expedite the installation and the rectification of the remaining snags to ensure public safety,” it said.

Saleh Tabakh, CEO of Delta International Real Estate, a subsidiary of the community’s private developer Tanmiyat, told Gulf News, that a team is working to resolve the issue.

“Our contractors are working closely with the relevant authorities to resolve any pending snags to meet the standards. We appreciate the support we have from Dewa and Dubai Municipality,” he said.

Tabakh pointed out the developer has completion certificates for 496 villas.

“We have provided temporary solutions to accommodate the landlords who accepted and decided to move in and as promised we will meet our deadline to complete the connections in time. We have never pointed directly or indirectly that there is any delay from the authorities. However, the project is massive and is being completed over three phases as stated before,” he said.